Ian King: Offering Investors Sage Insight And Guidance On Cryptocurrency

Ian King is an investment advisor, trader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is also an expert on cryptocurrency and an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. King is the founder of Intellicoins, a company that produces content designed to help investors be better able to navigate the cryptocurrency markets. Using the principles he learned while earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Lafayette College and combining it with the intense training and vast research he has done on the global financial markets and an array of companies, King became a very successful trader. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

After graduating from college and completing an internship, Ian King began his career in financial services working with Salomon Brothers at their mortgage bond trading desk as a clerk. King went on to spend several years working at Citigroup doing credit derivative origination. With a few years experience behind him and an excellent understanding of the financial markets, he was hired by New York City based equity fund Peahi Capital as a head trader. After 10 very successful years there, he turned his attention to the emerging asset class known as cryptocurrency. And over the past 10 years Ian King has become the man many people turn to for guidance on investing in cryptocurrency. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

In a recent article, Ian King pointed out that even though bitcoin surged 1,500% in 2017, cryptocurrency markets have a lot more room for growth. He explained that while just about everyone has heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, few own any and fewer still understand it. King predicts that will change in 2018 and is committed to helping investors understand cryptocurrency and benefit from its phenomenal growth. He points to the cryptocurrency market cap growing from $18 billion to $600 billion in 2017 and explains it’s now easier and safer to invest in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other types of cryptocurrency than ever before.

Ian King’s interest in investing began while in college where he traded dot.com stocks in his spare time. Realizing he enjoyed analyzing trends, he became an intern at Merrill Lynch to get a better understanding of the financial services industry. He also did a great deal of research on the fledgling cryptocurrency asset class. Ian King has now combined his expertise in investing and cryptocurrency and writes some very enlightening articles for Fox Business News, Investopedia and Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trader and Sovereign Investor Daily.

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