How Boraie Development Has Helped Three Cities Rebuild

When the gaming industry in Atlantic City collapsed it took much of the city down with it. In 2007 casinos in nearby states led to most of the casinos in this city shutting their doors. Some say that the number of casinos left in the city is now the proper amount and are sustainable. Other industries are also starting to pop up in Atlantic City. One investment in the community is the Atlantic City Gateway project which has encourage new industries to open their doors.

A new apartment complex is being built in Atlantic City. It will bring what this city hasn’t seen in almost three decades which is modern housing being built. The complex is named The Beach at South Inlet. It’s an $81 development that is being built by Boraie Development LLC. Wasseem Boraie is a vice president at this firm. He says that millennials know what they want out of housing and it’s definitely not a building older than 40 years old which comprises over 60% of the housing stock in Atlantic City. His development will feature amenities these renters want such as a residents lounge and a pool. For more details visit Crunchbase.

In the 1970s Boraie Development was also one of the key companies reviving New Brunswick. The founder of the company, Sam Boraie, says that at the time businesses and people were fleeing this city. It was unsafe after dark due to deserted streets and nobody wanted to go out to a restaurant or anywhere else. He was encouraged that Johnson & Johnson’s headquarters stayed put, though, which encouraged him that the city could be saved.

Around this time Omar bought a collection of connected structures and replaced them all with a new highrise building. This was his first building in the city and he has since built a number of others. One of the latest is The Aspire which is one of the few luxury housing developments in New Brunswick. It’s located right next to a subway that takes works straight to New York and the monthly rent is $2,800 for a 2 bedroom unit. Visit press of atlantic city to see more.

Boraie Development also built a highrise in Newark. Construction began in August 2015 and it’s the first highrise in that city in decades. Celebrities turned out for the ceremony launching the construction such as former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal who grew up in that city. The building is called One Riverview and it, too, is a source of luxury housing.

A Look At The Varied Career Of Entrepreneur Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a notable entrepreneur who made his fortune in the financial and biotech industries. He is now a real estate and technology investor with over $500 million invested in real estate projects in the city of New York as well as other properties in Miami. Arthur Becker is also a lifelong artist and displays some of his pieces of art at his offices in the Soho district. In addition to displaying his art at his Madison Partners offices, Arthur Becker’s work has also been displayed at art studios in both New York and Florida. More details can be found on

Just down the street from his offices, Arthur Becker is the sole investor in a luxury condo project that is currently being built. Once completed, the project will be worth $52.5 million and will have eight luxury condos. He also recently completed another real estate deal where in exchange for his interest in a project that is building a luxury condo building, he got ownership of three adjacent high-end townhomes. He plans to live in one of the units, on which he is investing $20 million in improvements, and is deciding whether to sell or rent the other two properties.

Arthur Becker has had a varied career. He started out managing a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. He has also been a stockbroker for Bear Stearns. He made a huge amount of money by buying tech companies in the early 2000’s after many of the companies values had dramatically fallen after the market crash of 1999. He has also been a senior advisor to the fashion designer Vera Wang, to whom he was married before they separated in 2012. He has also been the top executive at two tech companies, Zinio, LLC and NaviSite.

In an article on The Real Deal, it is through his investment firm, Madison Partners, LLC that Becker invests in real estate and biotech companies. As the Managing Partner, he selects what he is going to invest his money in. His investment in biotech companies specializes in startups in the industry with a focus on those developing cures for cancer.