Roberto Santiago Manaira – Successful Brazilian Businessman

Mr. Roberto Santiago is one of the successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. Most of his business ventures revolve around the development of shopping malls and real estate. For that reason, Robert owns one of the biggest shopping malls in Paraiba. He named the shopping mall after his name, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Manaira Mall features facilities such as a huge gaming area, theater, food court, tons of shopping options, fitness center, bank, and rooftop concert hall. The shopping mall has become a place that is regularly visited by the residents of Paraiba City. At the shopping mall, every shopper will get whatever he or she is looking forward to owning. At Manaira Mall, you can find sportswear, books, furniture, clothing, and jewelry. Apart from the fitness center and banks, Manaira also houses Paraiba Higher Education College Center. With the students and shoppers around, the mall is always busy 24 hours.

Roberto Santiago has more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship. Therefore, he understands what it takes to develop Manaira Mall into the attractions it deserves. He ensured that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has great food choices and entertainment as well. With the construction of the Domus Hall in the Manaira Mall, Paraiba has been attracting talented artists both from Brazil and abroad. Domus Hall can hold a capacity of 8000 people. It can host several events such as conferences, seminars, fairs, receptions, and art exhibitions. This is one of the ways, in which Roberto Santiago has given back to the society. Through his mall and Domus Hall, Brazil can provide cultural experiences to its citizens.

Roberto Santiago was brought up in Joao Pessoa and attended Pio X-Marist College. Roberto was also an alumnus of Joao Pessoa University Center, from where he completed his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. After completing his studies, Roberto Santiago started his business adventure with a cartonnage company. At a youthful age, Santiago was designing and manufacturing folders made from cartons, which he then supplied to packaging companies. He later then moved to the business of real estate. Santiago started by buying his first piece of land in Paraiba. Robert used the land to construct a shopping mall, which is currently known as Manaira Shopping Mall. He started the construction of the shopping mall in 1987 and finished it in 1989.

At his late 50s, Roberto Santiago has achieved everything that an aging person would have a dream to own. He has already established a successful dynasty, which his next generation will not struggle to enjoy. His success in business is attributed to commitment, passion, and hard work. Apart from being a successful businessman, Roberto Santiago is also a mentor to the early entrepreneurs. He always advises the youth to start and actualize their ideas without having second thoughts.