Anti-Aging Research Progress As Being Steered By Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist, healthcare technology investor and also a great entrepreneur. He is also known to be a giving character and has dedicated all his life to the success of fellow mankind. He is always ready to help people when the need arises. Of late, he has dedicated his life towards the attainment of some specific life goals and has great respect for his fellow human beings. His hand of mercy to people has been felt by so many people who are less fortunate in the society. The desire to work voluntarily on drugs that will help in improving the lifespan of a man is a great contribution and an impressive move.

Jason Hope is not just an ordinary person like any other. He is a person who has the passion for ensuring that he helps fellows where he can. He is also an alumnus of the great Arizona State University, an institution where he learnt a lot of life-changing skills and opportunities. Many people have been able to use the convenient mobile apps but have never understood the sacrifice it takes to make them functional. They just believe in taking out their gadgets and downloading whatever they can without caring the brain behind it. Jason Hope is one of those guys who is considered to have invested his time and resources for the betterment of their career.

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Jason Hope, after graduating decided to venture into the business of the then overrated premium text services. In fact, that was the most impressive moment for the life of these people. That was a time when few people knew very little about them. He was able to earn millions of shillings from the said business. He has since then worked with a lot of people with ideas by giving them grants to start their own. He has what it takes to turn a great idea into a business. He has subsequently ventured into other types of tech relayed businesses and also online marketing. The secret to online marketing and SEO companies have also helped him expand a lot. He has currently ventured into those businesses and has picked so well within a very short duration of time.

Jason Hope has been a tremendous philanthropic as I had mentioned earlier. His giving mission has been witnessed in the medical industry whereby he has been working in collaboration with the SENS research company. They are working and researching on anti-aging drugs and also those that can cure diseases that comes with old age. To him, this will be the most significant milestone in life, and for sure he is so much optimistic about their course. He has made a lot of contributions that have made the mission come to reality.


Glen Wakeman: Helping Others to Accomplish Their Dreams

Glen Wakeman, the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is an achiever and has gone far in his life, but only after obtaining two degrees (A Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago ( Is is in addition to guiding GE Money Latin America to plant their feet and gain assets of more than $12 billion. Now, Wakeman spends his time spearheading LaunchPad Holdings, LLC to help other budding entrepreneurs gain the same success he has gained throughout his individual professional career.

The mission of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is to assist fellow startups achieve the very same levels of success that Wakeman has achieved through the very same methodology and business acumen that he is best known for in his own professional experience. For LaunchPad Holdings’ clients, this is achieved by utilizing the LaunchPad Toolkit, a user-friendly tool that assists in detailed, easy-to-comprehend startup planning and growth that goes far beyond mere ideas.

LaunchPad Toolkit takes a passionate entrepreneur’s ambition and simplifies their plans with the goal of achieving long-term, continual growth for startup companies that is easily adaptable depending on ongoing forecasts and business need.

Additionally, Wakeman takes the time to truly listen to his clients with the intention of assisting them in developing creative and innovative solutions to their business needs through appealing, valuable, and thought-provoking insight that can be found on his blogs.

Wakeman not only founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, but he dug deep to help startups to create their own efficient and strategic plans that give them solid footing for long-term growth and success. Glen Wakeman is more than a successful entrepreneur and businessperson, he is an empathetic mentor who genuinely cares about his clients and their long-term personal and business dreams.