Article Title: Eric Lefkofsky Talks About Handling Of Patient’s Personal Health Data

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In the past few years, there has been a debate on how personal health data should be handled in the U.S. Individuals such as Eric Topol and Eric Lefkofsky have weighed in on the matter. Eric Topol began by using Estonia as a point of reference. As the director and founder of Scripps Translational Science, he is in a better position to offer some insight into the matter. In Estonia, each person is responsible for managing their health data. The government has also supported this initiative. The country makes use of blockchain technology, and that way the data is safe and the patients can easily share their data.

Eric Topol was issuing his sentiments on the matter while attending a health conference in San Diego. He said that the U.S. has a long way to go before implementing a system whereby patients can own their health data. Such debates have been arising since personal health data is being sold, stolen, or even hacked. There are also many potential clients on the dark web who are willing to access this data. Hackers can fetch a good amount of money when selling this data.

In the U.S., personal health data is stored in servers, and that is why the data is susceptible to cyber-attacks. There are times where a hostage situation may arise, and hospitals are forced to pay a substantial amount to hackers to access the personal health data on the servers. When the personal health data is handled by the patients, it would be in the smallest unit size, which means it will be safer. In a civil rights perspective, his sentiments make a lot of sense. If only other countries followed in the footsteps of Estonia, global health information problems would be easily solved.

Jessica Mega is the CMO of Verily. The company deals with the life sciences. She was supporting the sentiments of Eric Topol. The co-founder of company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky also weighed in on the issue. He supported the initiative about the patients owning their health data. The main challenge is that the data cannot be transferred from one system to another since the current infrastructure is broken.

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Article Title: Tempus And Eric Lefkofksy At The Precision Medicine World Conference

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Eric Lefkofksy was recently interviewed for the website titled, “Q&A: CEO Eric Lefkofksy and his Cancer Data Health tech Tempus Labs.” The interview took place at the 2018 Precision Medicine World Conference. Eric Lefkofksy was one of the speakers who discussed adapting big data into actionable information for the medical market.

He believes the success of Tempus is due to the problem-focused strategy. The company was designed to solve the data issue that takes place in healthcare and cancer care. He believes it is a problem that should be solved because there is a lot of data that can be mined to help physicians use the information to create a more individualized treatment plan. When he saw the difficulty of treatment first hand, he was shocked at how little data the physicians were using to solve the problem. He has spent the last twenty years creating businesses that help markets bring technology and unstructured data into the market by structuring the data at scale. He wanted to bring a similar solution to the cancer treatment market.

When he created Tempus, he used large medical systems to funnel the data and structure it. Tempus has partnered with more than 50 different cancer centers out of 69 in the U.S. Eric Lefkofsky believes they can use the data and combine it with molecular and clinical data for each patient to create a better treatment plan for each patient. The next step was creating an algorithm and analytics tool that could silo the data volume while also helping physicians understand it in real time. Working with the academic medical centers and the cancer treatment centers might have been tricky, but they believe it can have a huge impact. They created a demonstration that shows how the tool works by sifting through the clinical variability of the different drugs and therapies to create a precise treatment plan for the patient.

Tempus devised a strategy to collect data from the different patients which help oncologists learn about the best treatments for the different cancers. They can see what treatment has worked and what hasn’t. They use drug-response data and phenotypic data to see how the patients respond to different drugs.

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Article Title: Is Taking The Lead In AI Technology

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The largest retailer in China is or Jingdong. AI startups have been established by the company to further AI technology in the real world. The AI accelerator was launched last August for companies in the early stages and AI startups. The products were showcased in March. Numerous industries were covered including education, healthcare, legal and retail. has already implemented some of the projects. FaGouGou offers legal consultancy services powered by AI. They are working with Jingdong’s legal team on a merchant chatbot providing legal services and advice.

The technology for speech recognition, legal databases and AI algorithms have already benefited a lot of the entrepreneurs, partners, merchants and suppliers of The questions regarding financing, investment, labor issues, certifications and corporate management have been answered quickly. The new legal technology from FaGouGou has been crucial for fulfilling the requirement for the experienced attorneys in China. Wine shoppers are also benefiting from another AI startup. The app requires the technology from Jingdong.

The app offers a shopping consultant 24/7. Photos uploaded by the users are analyzed by AI to provide recommendations. The extensive database recognizes an enormous variety of wines. The information includes the type, taste, color and origin. Wine can be purchased by uploading a copy of the wine label and recommendations can be received. The AI accelerator program from has enabled the company to offer the new AI startups in China support services to help them achieve success including mentoring and training in research and development, legal marketing, financing, management, products and technical support for databases, algorithms and API’s.

The startups have access to different application scenarios from Jingdong such as HR, legal, logistics and retail. This increases their scale by placing their products into the real world. The program has enabled the sixteen original startups to see a participation increase exceeding eighty percent for new AI technology debuts. The second round of seventeen new startups has been announced by This includes Zen Video, an online video platform from Huajie IMI. plans to work with the startups closely to help their innovations reach the next level.

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Michael Phelps And Talkspace Partner Together To Spread Mental Health Awareness

World class athlete Michael Phelps partnered with online therapy platform Talkspace to promote mental health and encourage who needs help to take therapy. The campaign is accompanied by a national TV campaign featuring Phelps talking about his personal experiences in mental health. He also talked about how Talkspace Reviews helped him cope up with depression and anxiety.

Michael Phelps is a world champion swimmer and a 280time medalist and is one of the best athletes in the world. Although he seems to be having the career that every athlete wants, he admitted that he struggled with depression and anxiety. However, that changed when Phelps was introduced to an app called Talkspace.

Talkspace is an app that offers affordable and confidential therapy or counseling. It offers services from a licensed and experienced therapist. Currently, Talkspace has over 3,000 professional therapists working to help mental issues such as depression, anxiety, and coping for people who are part of communities such as LGBT and veterans. The therapy is available in different mediums, including text, audio, and video calling. As long as the device is connected to the Internet, a client can access therapy at any time of the day and anywhere.

A lot of people ask how the app works, and how the therapy happens on the internet. Talkspace starts by getting an assessment to the client. The client can choose a plan that suits him or her. Talkspace will find the best match for the client’s situation and start the therapy. Conversations are synced in all devices, so the client can talk to his or her therapist on the go using a phone and on a PC at the comfort of home.

“I realized I am the strongest person I know, but I felt like the weakest.” Michael Phelps stated in during his participation in the campaign. In addition to this campaign, Phelps also joined the Talkspace Board of Advisors, which is a group of industry experts, psychologists, and corporate CEOs for mental health strategies. VP of Marketing Michael Kuznetsov and the whole Talkspace family welcomed Phelps aboard and believes that his help will be a great driving force to fight the stigma surrounding mental health.

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The Effort Of Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is among the passionate leaders that have pushed for the talented groups and the creators in the community. The dedication that he has set in his field is to assist them to realize their dreams and create work out of their vision that is worth their efforts. This is one of the issues that has enabled the brand and generated platform on matters of the marketing strategy. The primary factor that Edwin Miranda has concentrated about is putting the issues in the position that will assist the clients to be at the level that will be successful in today’s market.

Edwin Miranda is one of the leaders that have a sincere belief on the matters of the power of performance. The commitment that he has showcased has assisted a lot of brands in extending their market share regardless of the challenges they are facing. The step has to contribute most of the brands in engaging with their customers and even winning the confidence of the rest of the clients which are new. The efforts that have been taken by Edwin Miranda marks the dynamic world that most of the brands should follow. This will assist them in reading trends in market.

Through the wits of the Edwin Miranda in the field of marketing, the future of each brand is near, and there is a need for them to step up. The KOI/IXS has assisted them to move in faster manner to make them fit the current dynamic situation in the market. Edwin Miranda great work as far as the matters of marketing is concerned has made the organization reached the top level in different aspects of technology. The advise that he has set to the clients in finding the agency that flows along the line of expectation and implement what is needed in the market.

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How Succeeds under the Leadership of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the CEO of He started the company in 1998 with few storefronts, and it would begin to gross nearly $9 million. As trends began to change Liu switched the focus of the company to more of an online platform in 2004. improve logistic system allowed them to deliver more goods to various parts of China. With the use of their own logistic system, would reduce the amount of damaged or lost items. Under the leadership of Liu, has grown to become a leader in online direct sales.

Liu ensured had quality goods and service. It helps the company build trust with their customers. Liu is responsible for becoming one of the first internet companies from China to be categorized as a Fortune 500 company in 2016. has become quite successful, and the revenue generated by the company makes them the largest retailer in China.

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Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Produces Widespread Commentary

Over a period of 21 hours, no less than 50 Tweets issued forth from the account of Shervin Pishevar, super angel investor and Silicon Valley legend. What all of those Tweets had to say created something of a media sensation. Part of the reason for that is that when Shervin Pishevar speaks, people listen. But also, what he had to say was often remarkable.

Take, for example, the way Pishevar unloaded on the famous business corridor that made his career — Silicon Valley. Mr. Pishevar said he thinks the best days of this California tech hub are behind it. He said that Silicon Valley has become more of an idea rather than a solid entity where big things have happened. Competition can now come from anywhere in the world as other global entities invest in and ramp up new centers of innovation.

Shervin Pishevar also discusses an issue that has been smoldering among social observers and economists. That issue is the growing trend toward underemployment. Pishevar noted that, more and more, people with high tech skills are finding fewer employers willing to hire them full time. Because of that, many folks with unique and valuable skills find they must work at other, more mundane jobs to make ends meet.

The value of stocks were another subject Shervin Pishevar expounded upon in his Tweetstorm. He put forward a rather dim forecast. The market is vastly overvalued, Mr. Pishevar said, and that we can expect a very significant downward correction. He mused that the stock market could drop by as much as 6,000 points before all is said and done.

He had similar warnings for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It also is wildly overvalued, Shervin Pishevar Tweeted. He thinks it will undergo a precipitous plunge in value, but also may stabilize at $2,000 to $5,000. Even so, Pishevar said he likes the idea of Bitcoin because it is a “stateless currency” and offers a unique financial vehicle entrepreneurs can leverage for startup opportunities.

A wide range of other topics were addressed by Shervin Pishevar in a Tweetstorm that has had wide-ranging consequences and produced considerable discussion.

Why Talkspace Forms Strategic Partnerships

More than 40 million people in the U.S, and out of that, half of them have not received the needed care. The main reason why most of these people have not looked for assistance is because of stigmatization associated with it. Currently, there is an increased awareness concerning mental illness, and many people are accepting it, but the situation is still optimal. Another reason why people do not look for treatment is because of the cost associated with it.

With Talkspace, an online therapy platform, individuals who have mental illness can now obtain therapy on the internet at an affordable cost. The primary goal of Talkspace is to eliminate challenges that mentally ill individuals go through which prevent them from seeking health care. The online therapy is provided to the patients more quickly and cheaply so as to make it available to anyone who needs it. Consequently, Talkspace offered advice to members and the community as a whole using staff therapists and blog posts.

Check out to learn more about Talkspace

Most recently Talkspace and Michael Phelps announced their strategic partnership which is aimed at creating awareness and promoting therapy. Michael Phelps will be featured on various TV and other media stations talking about his personal experience while battling with anxiety and depression. This will help in creating awareness and making people understand the significance of seeking help. Phelps will talk about how therapy helped him feel stronger which will encourage people to seek therapy.

The most recent news is that Talkspace is also helping couples deal with relationship issues. The company achieves this by continually communicating with the clients and providing them with a venue for problem-solving, personal growth, and sharing. Talkspace hopes that couples facing some challenges in their relationships will obtain individual and relational skills significant for overcoming hardship, thus building a stronger bond.

It is always essential for one to seek any kind of medical care or therapy for the mental disorder. Talkspace provides the much-needed therapy and treatment in a convenient and a much cheaper way. Therefore if you have any mental disorder visit their website and get the much-needed help.

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You Won’t Believe What Shervin Pishevar Has Said Now

The legend that is Shervin Pishevar has always been the kind of person who is more than happy to share his points of view with you. He has never shied away from doing so because he is often right in the kinds of predictions that he makes at any rate. Why would he be afraid to share when he has so consistently been proven correct in the long run? That is what the man himself must be thinking after a long string of winning predictions over the years.

The most recent set of predictions from Shervin Pishevar came via his Twitter account and pointed to a man who has not been riding the predictions wave that have been coming out of the mainstream media regarding the economy. Put another way, he has not been afraid to buck the trend of what has been going on with predictions out of analysts and others who make a living telling people mostly what they want to hear.

Shervin Pishevar has absolutely taken a different tact as he has been primarily interested in helping people understand that the economy that they think they are living in right now may not be the one that they are actually experiencing. That is to say that Shervin Pishevar firmly believes that we are all being duped into thinking we are in a much stronger economy than we really are. The reality of the situation if you ask him is that we could be doing much better economically. He thinks that the stock market is doomed for a twenty percentage point or greater drop, and he thinks that those who foolishly run to Bitcoin as an investment haven are going to get burned too.

The long story short version of what Shervin Pishevar has had to say is that he thinks we would all be better served if we stop with all of the mainstream thought on this subject and instead try to pay attention the fundamentals of the economy and if they really justify the prices that we have been seeing in things like the stock market lately. He argues that the obvious answer is no.

GreenSky Credit experiences explosive growth

While other financial technology companies, like Lending Club and OnDeck, had the idea of burning the traditional banking industry to the ground, GreenSky Credit decided to embrace the old regime and allow it to function with less friction. GreenSky Credit now appears to be the model that is taking hold across the financial tech industry. With OnDeck and Lending Club both experiencing stock price declines of more than 85 percent, it seems that the GreenSky Credit model of pairing existing lenders with merchants who are looking to make additional sales may be the definitive way forward for the fintech industry.

GreenSky Credit founder David Zalik is one of the most reclusive CEOs of a major corporation. The former child prodigy scored so high on the SAT test that he was invited to begin attending classes at Auburn University when he was just 12 years old, completely skipping high school in the process. But Zalik quickly grew bored with academia. A couple years into his studies, he dropped out to form computer assembly company MicroTech. The company proved to be a success, and Zalik sold it for around $5 million a in 1996.

By 2006, at the age of 32, Zalik had made some good investments in commercial real estate and was ready to try founding another company. He had gotten the idea for GreenSky Credit while working on another one of his firms, Outweb, an e-consultancy company. He knew that many businesses in the home-remodeling space struggled to close point-of-sale purchases with customers who had often badly underestimated the true cost of home renovation projects.

GreenSky was able to step in with promotional financing terms that were too good for most customers to turn down. At the same time, Zalik was able to sell GreenSky Credit loans to lenders as a way to bring in far more business from the most sought-after loan customers: prime borrowers. Because the average FICO score of a GreenSky borrower is 760, lenders can rest assured that they will not have to deal with many delinquencies or defaults.

The pairing of traditional lenders with over 17,000 merchants has proven to be a winning formula.