Stansberry Research and the Resource Sector

Stansberry Research is a publishing company offering financial analysis and business trend news. It provides a newsletter focused on trading global stock, currency, and commodity markets along opportunities available for investment. Stansberry Research also provides updates on gold, oil, copper, currency, and individual stock markets.

At Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry ensures quality content is released to the subscribers by managing more than twenty financial analysts and editors. Together, his group has researched and visited many worldwide companies to give the readers the best analysis possible in the trading community. Recently there have been a few trends that have taken everyone’s attention to currency and commodities. There is a supply and demand rage that has people running around and investing and trading creating other markets to spike.

If the supply of product becomes limited to demand of the public, prices rise. A commodity is defined as being products offered as a trade. Higher prices will bring money to market in the form of profit and entice suppliers to produce more. When the demand is met to the customer, prices go down. The little-known fact is that short supply of one item can affect other markets. Let’s take the Bitcoin craze right now.

According to Stansberry Research, Marijuana trade is also a trend. A few States in the United States are legalizing the recreational use of the plant and the use of CBD oil as a form of holistic medicine. The trade is based on what the people think about the product, but it is being regulated like alcohol. The investment in this commodity is raising and the demand is getting higher due to many investors wanting to get in the market early to receive the best profit as possible.

Bitcoin is a fixed asset that only has a total of 21 million coins. Recently there was an influx of demand and the price for trading the cryptocurrency dramatically rose on this commodity. As a result of the influx in demand, prices for the devices used in mining rose. Computer graphics card prices rose along with the price of a Bitcoin.