HCR Wealth Advisors’ Personalized Financial Strategies

The financial world is constantly changing, meaning people must keep up with current trends and patterns in the market. Money can be made quicker in an age of split-second decisions and fast expansion. Focused data is important and financial data must be personalized. There is a lot of data that needs to be filtered. The 2018 data shows improvement in many key metrics, likely due to the strong economy. Stock investors had a good 2017 year with an S&P 500 return of 21.7% when factoring dividend investment. The figures are based on stocks bought on January 3, 2017 and sold on December 29, 2017. Every month showed positive returns for the first time. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates 3 times in 2017.

According to Whale Wisdom, many investors know that a year of low volatility is usually followed by a year of high volatility. 400-point swings are becoming the norm, with 2018 expected to be the most volatile since 2008. There are geopolitical risks that make the market more volatile. The 2018 theme is to be optimistically cautious with returns without forgetting the risk and volatility. Volatility can be your friend if you have a personalized investment strategy. It is important that smart investment options are chosen during volatile years.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a Los Angeles investment advisory firm that offers individualized strategies and financial advice. The firm wants to build an active partnership with clients to find out each of their needs. Their solutions can help investors make economic decisions in the current climate. HCR Wealth Advisors gives clients many investment opportunities with different risks and returns. In an article from financialservicedirectory.com, they let clients know about these investment options with their advantages and disadvantages. They give investors the skills they need through education. The firm considers privacy as integral for long term partnerships. They have had many client relationships that spanned 10 years. They do not want to just sell and collect a payment, but instead work with clients to help improve their economic situation.

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Robert Ivy Recognized With Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts

Being an architect can at times be considered a thankless career. Often the men and women who design and create buildings and bridges can be slipped away out of the spotlight after their work is built. Thankfully, groups like the nonprofit, Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters also known as the MIAL which are specifically tasked with recognizing the best in many art based industries can often heed the call for recognizing the gifted. This year, they have chosen an architect for this year’s award. In April, The American Institute of Architects announced that one of their own was added to the elite and high ranking gifted architects recognized for a lifetime achievement award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

Robert Ivy, the CEO of The American Institute of Architects was recognized by the MIAL with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This is a highly unusual source for an architect to receive such an award and it is the first time that the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters has recognized an architect. The award is given to living Mississippi connected artists and patrons, who have collectively contributed extraordinarily to the art community and society. Robert Ivy along with stained-glass artist Andrew Cary Young from Jackson, Mississippi’s Pearl River Glass Studio will be honored for their contributions for the 2018 celebration. Ivy, has been the CEO of The American Institute of Architects since 2011. He is also an author, editor, and a currently practicing architect. The President of the AIA, Carl Elefante, stated he was very excited for Robert and called him a worthy ambassador for the architectural profession.

The AIA under his co-leadership has helped to significantly grow a global footprint for the Institute. Presently, they are at their highest membership level in its 160-year-old history. Robert Ivy has also received a high-ranking award in 2010 when he was named and recognized as a “Master Architect” by the national architecture fraternity of Alpha Rho Chi. This honorary title is only given to the world’s most widely known and highly achieved architects. With this award, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of some of the most prestigious Mississippians all of whom were previous Noel Polk award recipients. Previous honorees include writers Eudora Welty, and Shelby Foote, acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman, artist Walter Anderson and renowned singer Leontyne Price.

An Outstanding Growth in the Assets of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group stands out as the only investment management company that withstood the adverse economic wave that had hit the industry in 2008. During this period, a lot of companies collapsed while others gave very low or no investment returns to their clients. However, things were quite different for Fortress. At that time, the hedge fund for the company, under the able management of Peter Briger, who is also the CEO, returned a whopping yield of 43% for the investors. This was the highest in the market, both locally and internationally. This made Peter Briger to be declared the best hedge fund manager in that year. Fortress Investment Group also received the award for having the best hedge fund in that same year.

However, this achievement was not obtained just miraculously. It was through determination of the staff and effective strategic planning by the management that ensured that all the necessary tools of performance were at the right place at the right time. The three principals of the company; Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone have demonstrated great teamwork that has risen the company to that great heights that it enjoys today. As we speak, Fortress Investment Group is enjoying a huge clientele base of over 2000 investors who are institutions and individual clients from all over the world. The increasing number of the company’s customer has made the management to expand the offices to enhance customer reach and satisfaction.

They have opened supplementary head offices in Shanghai and Singapore, where an incredible number of clients have invested in the company. A new headquarter has also been established in San Francisco, from where Peter Briger operates. Due to the increased number of clients, Fortress Investment Group has also increased the number of its employees to optimize their customer service. Despite the company being started in the form of a private equity firm, Fortress Investment Group has engaged in portfolio diversification, with the introduction of other asset strategies under its management. This has led to the tremendous increase in the firm’s underlying assets and consequently the value of the firm. Currently, Fortress manages assets worth more than $63 billion for its esteemed clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors Registered Investment Advisory Firm Based in Los Angeles, United States

If you are good with your finances, then you must already know the role of investments in securing your future financially. However, if you are not good at managing your finances and struggle to handle it well, then consulting with financial professionals and planners is a good idea. They would be able to provide you with the guidance that you need to build a future that would be free of financial worries. One of the companies that is known to provide clients with reliable financial guidance is HCR Wealth Advisors. The company has three decades of experience in the field of investment advice and has helped hundreds of individuals in and around Los Angeles to secure their future financially.

HCR Wealth Advisors is involved with in-depth research of the global financial markets, and it is this knowledge and information it uses to help develop investment strategies for its clients. Different individuals have different financial expectations for their future, and while some want to travel the world, others want a beachside home and a quiet life. No matter what you expect to do in retirement, there has to be sound financial planning that would take care of at least your necessary living expenses in the future after your retire. HCR Wealth Advisors would take into account the current financial situation, income, expenses, debts, investments, assets, and other economic parameters to develop investment and economic strategy to help you secure your financial future.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) has a team of experienced investment professionals on board from the world of finance, and they can gauge exactly what the clients are looking for. With years of experience and knowledge from the world of finance backing them, one can expect they would get comprehensive and reliable financial and investment advice from HCR Wealth Advisors. As a registered investment advisory firm that has many clients across the country, HCR Wealth Advisors has worked together with many people. Facebook: @HCRwealth

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Ian King: Offering Investors Sage Insight And Guidance On Cryptocurrency

Ian King is an investment advisor, trader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He is also an expert on cryptocurrency and an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing. King is the founder of Intellicoins, a company that produces content designed to help investors be better able to navigate the cryptocurrency markets. Using the principles he learned while earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology at Lafayette College and combining it with the intense training and vast research he has done on the global financial markets and an array of companies, King became a very successful trader. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

After graduating from college and completing an internship, Ian King began his career in financial services working with Salomon Brothers at their mortgage bond trading desk as a clerk. King went on to spend several years working at Citigroup doing credit derivative origination. With a few years experience behind him and an excellent understanding of the financial markets, he was hired by New York City based equity fund Peahi Capital as a head trader. After 10 very successful years there, he turned his attention to the emerging asset class known as cryptocurrency. And over the past 10 years Ian King has become the man many people turn to for guidance on investing in cryptocurrency. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.

In a recent article, Ian King pointed out that even though bitcoin surged 1,500% in 2017, cryptocurrency markets have a lot more room for growth. He explained that while just about everyone has heard about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, few own any and fewer still understand it. King predicts that will change in 2018 and is committed to helping investors understand cryptocurrency and benefit from its phenomenal growth. He points to the cryptocurrency market cap growing from $18 billion to $600 billion in 2017 and explains it’s now easier and safer to invest in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other types of cryptocurrency than ever before.

Ian King’s interest in investing began while in college where he traded dot.com stocks in his spare time. Realizing he enjoyed analyzing trends, he became an intern at Merrill Lynch to get a better understanding of the financial services industry. He also did a great deal of research on the fledgling cryptocurrency asset class. Ian King has now combined his expertise in investing and cryptocurrency and writes some very enlightening articles for Fox Business News, Investopedia and Banyan Hill’s Crypto Profit Trader and Sovereign Investor Daily.

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Sujit Choudhry; the Skilled Attorney Discusses Eric Holder’s Tweet.

Every country that boasts of earning independence will agree that the rule of law dictates every operation therein. Also defined as a set of rules governing every state’s move, a constitution is a set of instructions made to guide citizens and the government on how to conduct themselves. While a country’s constitution is always the way forward in solving issues in the society, it can also come with challenges. That is where an individual like Sujit Choudhry comes in.


The Preview

Sujit Choudhry has perfected the art of understanding the rule of law. Over the past years, he has shaped his name in the industry and dedicated his life to making sure that the people are served in the most suitable ways. Always committed to using their constitution to help them acquire their life’s goals, Choudhry has often worked with like-minded individuals to help societies solve their issues through the legal channels, see (Facebook.com). Other services he is good at offering include solving violence, fostering peace among divided communities, and assisting different states in the constitution-building processes.


What about Eric Holder’s Tweet?

Sujit Choudhry who has garnered vast experience as a skilled attorney uses his wealth of knowledge to decipher situations and perhaps suggest a way forward. Recently, he took to the stage and highlighted his sentiments on Eric Holder’s tweet, see (Twitter.com). Holder, a man who worked under President Obama’s leadership created a post on tweeter in regards to the disbarring of Robert Mueller. In his tweet, he stated that Americans need to have peaceful demonstrations should Mueller be dismissed. The tweet goes on to call on the people to fight for their rights.


What Does Choudhry Say?

In regards to the tweet, Sujit Choudhry expresses his disappointment. He says that not only is Eric Holder experienced enough to know how to handle such situations but also well versed in how sensitive the matter is. Moreover, he should use the legal ways to address his issues because that is why the constitution exists. Perhaps it is also important to note that Sujit Choudhry is pretty dumbfounded by this matter, refer to https://works.bepress.com/sujit_choudhry/. That is why he airs this matter in his soon to be released book.


The Outline

Over the years of practice, Sujit Choudhry has accomplished so much in terms of studying different constitutions, laws, and using them to help different states based on constitutionaltransitions.org. Not only has he excelled in this but also managed to save many communities that need help with keeping a peaceful environment. With two decades of studies, he is qualified enough to offer unmatched services.

Heather Russell joins TransUnion

Heather Russell is the new Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion. The renowned legal executive started duties on June 4, 2018. Before joining TransUnion, she came from a prominent law firm known as Buckley Sandler, LLP. She was working at the two offices of the firm which are located in Washington and New York. In her position at Buckley Sandler, she was responsible for all financial institutions regulation, supervision, and technology. The technology deployed there was known as FIRST. FIRST is meant to help clients with financial services institutions and fintech companies to deal with regulatory issues. FIRST plays a critical role in the development of the mergers and acquisition plans as well as implementing regulatory changes.

At TransUnion, Heater Russell is expected to bring a wealth of experience from all the organizations she has worked with in the past. She has held executive positions at a number of banks which include Bank of New York Mellon, Fifth Third Bank. At Fifth Third bank she was the executive vice president, corporate secretary, and chief legal officer. Fifth Third Bank was ranked 12th largest bank in the United States while she was working there.

While Heather Russell (@heather_russell) was serving at the Bank of New York Mellon, she was the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel. She was behind the creation of the office of public policy and regulatory affairs at the bank. This department is responsible for managing regulation of the activities of the bank in over 100 countries all over the world. She has also worked with Bank of America as the senior vice president and associate general counsel.

Heather Rusell has worked with other law firms such as Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, in different offices in Europe and America. She has spent two decades helping businesses with mergers and acquisitions. Her experience in the global financial services will come in handy in her new position at TransUnion. Follow: @heatherarussell

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The Upwork Solution to Sailing Through a To-Do List

Upwork is the perfect company for all of those that are trying to find someone to help them complete their to-do list. Getting work done through a company that allows you to outsource is one of the best things that you can do to complete things in a timely manner. It does you no good to have a lengthy to-do list if you do not know what you need to do in order to make your list work.

One thing that you have to consider is the time that you have during the course of a day. Some people will start on a lengthy to-do list and not even factor in things like a commute time or the time that they will be sleeping or eating. It makes the list unrealistic because they put more things on the list of than they can accomplish during the course of a day. This is when you have to step up and take time to delegate.

Good time management is about taking time to focus on things that you need to do, but another aspect of good time management is setting aside time to find people that can do things that need to be done. If you are someone that is worrying about something that you know that you do not have the skills to do it is going to be more cost-effective and cost efficient for you to get someone else to do the task. Paying someone else to do a task may seem like something out of the ordinary if you’re used to handling everything on your own, but finding extra time to accomplish things on your list will be worth it. You will find yourself reading up more time to actually complete the things that you need to get done.

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself is it worth it to agonize over your to-do list if you can find someone else to help you get the to-do list completed. In most cases you will realize that it is better to spend the money and get the help.


Jed McCaleb And His Development Platform

Jed McCaleb, a technology developer in cryptocurrency, is Chief Technology Officer of Stellar. His company, Stellar, centers on the foundation of their cryptocurrency network. This network provides the technology for payments across the border. According to McCaleb, he sees a continual upstream in blockchain technology, providing a global payments network. Steller’s technology builds on an electronic ledger that customers can view and change as needed. In this technology, customers could convert cryptocurrency to more common currencies, such as dollars and euros.

Jed McCaleb‘s vast expertise in cryptocurrency is helping to solve the everyday issues of the amount of time needed for currency conversion. McCaleb has developed transaction settlement times of less than five seconds. This conversion time is far faster than Bitcoin’s conversion time. One of this country’s most successful companies, International Business Machines, is already using McCaleb’s new conversion technology.

To explain how blockchain works, retail investors using this system would buy digital coins as investments in a project. Because of the investors buying these digital coins, token sales then are granted to the investor. These token sales give the investors access to a platform, and these tokens accelerate in valve for the investor.

McCaleb started his eurocurrency company, Stellar, in 2014. Stellar’s cryptocurrency coins, commonly referred to as lumens, skyrocketed to the top ten cryptocurrencies earlier this year. McCaleb sees this technology continuing its popularity changing the way payments around the world are made, along with fundraising and stock market transactions. Presently, Securrency, a company who has developed a program in which investors can buy stocks with bitcoin cryptocurrencies.

In 2014, McCaleb started his charitable foundation, Stellar Development Corporation with his wife, Joyce Kim. McCaleb ‘s foundation donated $500,000 worth of XRP to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Also, McCaleb’s foundation provided donations to the non-profit artificial intelligence safety group, OpenAl.

Jeb McCaleb was born in Arkansas and pursued his degree at the University of California, Berkeley. McCaleb curtailed his studies and moved to New York City. Currently, McCaleb lists at the 40th position on Forbes’ list of the world’s wealthiest people. McCaleb total token ownership is worth $20 billion as of the beginning of this year, 2018.

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Dr. Saad Saad – Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and has seven siblings. Dr. Saad Saad graduated from Cairo University with honors with a medical degree. He did internship in England and later moved to the US.


Dr. Saad Saad became a board certified pediatric surgeon after doing a residency in the US. Dr. Saad Saad has done many pediatric surgeries and was always looking to improve procedures. He was always trying to reduce pain that his patients would face.


Dr. Saad Saad has created two medical inventions and has the patents for both. One invention is a location identification device for catheters, and the other is a suction-irrigation device for endoscopes. Catheters are medical tubes inserted in the body to treat medical conditions or surgeries.


Some catheters are left in the body temporarily or permanently. Surgeons must be able to locate the catheter’s exact position before any procedure is done. In most cases, an X-ray is done to tell an exact location of a catheter.


X-rays are safe but if done more frequently, it can expose you to radiation. As an alternate, an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is done but can be an inconvenience because the machines are not portable and very large. Dr. Saad Saad created the location identification device to help locate the catheters in the body without the use of an X-ray or MRI.


Dr. Saad Saad’s location identification device was never implemented as manufacturers were discouraged about making it because it requires complicated procedures. A company in Utah is interested in the device so it is possible the device would be used in the future. This is a device that would be convenient for doctors while keeping the patients safe.


Dr. Saad Saad’s second invention is an improvement of the endoscopes. An endoscope is an object that is used by doctors to look inside the body at the throat, bladder, stomach, and colon. This object gives doctors a good ideal on what is going on inside the body.


The problem with the endoscope is that when it is inserted in the body, it touches liquids in the body that fogs up the endoscope’s lens making it difficult for the doctors to view. Dr. Saad Saad created the suction-irrigation device that helps solves this problem. This device suctions the liquids in the view of the lens where doctors can see and perform procedures quickly.


The suction-irrigation device is currently being used with endoscopes that look at the lungs, esophagus, and the large intestine. Dr. Saad Saad had used the device many times to help removed things like marbles, stuck food, and needles that a child has swallowed. This device is inexpensive and is used by more doctors today. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md