Is “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” the Way To Go for Sean Penn?

According to many people, Sean Penn is an outgoing individual who can do what it takes to reach out to the world. He has appeared numerous times as an actor, a producer, a writer as well as a director in the field of theater and film productions. During this time of his career, Penn has carried the Academy Awards a number of times as the best actor. Moreover, he has completed various opinion pieces and also served as a war correspondent. Also, he has had the opportunity to hold interviews with high profile personalities such as the former President of Venezuela. Additionally, he significantly contributed towards saving lives of those affected by the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Amazingly, Sean Penn put aside what he does best and focused all efforts on establishing his first ever novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The novel is a blisteringly funny, extremely garrulous dystopian picaresque about a man who is actively into the sales of septic tanks and who works on a contractual gig with the U.S government as a killer. The novel has brought about both positive and negative thoughts on handling a day job alongside a part-time gig. After the release of the book Penn has constantly faced ridicule for producing a corresponding Poem on himself for the novel from people who think that he does not properly fit into Bob Honey’s character.

During an interview, while he was on a barnstorming book tour in Los Angeles, Sean Penn revealed that having “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” under his ownership makes more responsible for all that comes along with the book. It is better as opposed to completed screenplay or film where one can benefit from the efforts of other people. According to Sean his choice to write “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” as compared to the usual screenplays was as a result of his desire to be self-independent and accountable for his actions. It was also due to the fact that books do not require huge amounts of financial funding and the collaboration of creative personalities like movies. He used “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” as a platform like no other to express his ideas that could not fit anywhere else.

Nevertheless, Sean Penn promises that his career as a novelist does not stop at “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” despite the many critics surrounding his work. He has something else coming up soon. Sean also dismisses the rumors that compare his writing style to those of renowned writers such as Thomas Pynchon, William Burroughs, and Tom Robbins among others. Further, Sean owes the dictation style he used in writing “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” to his great value of time. He also disregards the view of the novel as an opinion piece on the #MeToo aspect of Bob Honey. As such, Sean Penn is more concerned on building his legacy as a reputable novelist rather than getting reviews from people.


Jason Hope: Securing a Long Life for the Future

A recent article on discusses a recent and substantial donation made by entrepreneur Jason Hope to the SENS Research Foundation. The article, entitled “Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging, provides an in-depth look at the fight against aging and what individuals like Hope you are doing to help. It seems that nowadays people are becoming more comfortable with aging. While that is commendable, it has also encouraged a certain degree of complacency. People stopped looking for the answer to aging and have simply sat back to take it. Jason Hope and other researchers at the SENS Research Foundation believe that it may be possible to lengthen the number of healthy years that an individual has, rather than add to their aged time.

When presented with these options, many people don’t believe that it is possible but individuals at the SENS Research Foundation are looking for a way to stop aging on a cellular level instead of looking at individual diseases or ailments. Once an ailment has taken hold of the body, cell damage from years of aging has already occurred. If individuals were given away to stay healthy longer, these ailments may not have a chance to do the damage that they are able to do. A lot of discomforts that comes along with aging happens because parts of the body break down, the whole purpose of this research is to look at those processes. With the help of Hope’s $500,000 donation, the SENS Research Foundation has been able to expand its research and even establish a lab in the UK. The funding of the various university-based research projects is sure to provide a plethora of data.

Since the very start of his career, Hope has always had a passion for philanthropy. While he has donated to various projects supporting educational development, political parties, and various other community projects, he has always had a special place in his heart for the fight against aging. He has worked very hard to establish himself as a major figure in the technology industry, but he has so much more to offer the world. His hope is that the money he donates will help to secure the future of humanity. A long life might not be in the cards for anyone that is living today but Hope and the SENS Research Foundation have ensured that the world will see the results of their work for years to come.

About Jason Hope:

Eric Lefkosky and his contribution in the fight against cancer and Alzheimer.

Cancer and Alzheimer are among the diseases that have dreaded humanity for the more significant part of the 21st century. There has been an undying need to beat such conditions so that the human suffering could be alleviated. Some of the methods that have been employed include the application of learning by machines, artificial intelligence, and analyses of data. One of the most innovative ways of manipulation and computation of data has been brought to reality by Tempus Labs. Eric Lefkofsky is the brains behind this tech organization that focuses on merging, agglomerating, cleaning up and transforming the data for each patients health into digital form. This is a smart move by Eric and his team at Tempus Labs- an organization with its operations based in Chicago- as physicians would refer from the data in future. The central collection of the clinical and molecular data for patients with cancer would go a long way in helping the doctors make decisions based on data. Data collected covers aspects such as the treatment used by the physicians and how the patient responded to the procedure. Indeed physicians will be able to make well-informed decisions real time because of the reliable data available. The efforts of Tempus in their fight against cancer and Alzheimer have been recognized, and the firm has been ranked among the top ten in the field of health tech in Chicago. Valued partnerships between Tempus and academic institutions together with other healthcare firms have been formed. Tempus performs genomic sequencing on patients sent to their labs by oncologists. Also, the lab merges the clinical and molecular information and transmits the report back to the office of the physician subsequently granting the doctor access to the data system of Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky has a track record of building successful businesses and is among the renowned entrepreneurs of Chicago. He has co-founded companies such as Uptake Technologies, Groupon, Inner Workings and Echo Global Logistics. Eric Lefkofsky is also an active contributor to philanthropic efforts both in his community and around the world. He also wears the hat of a trustee in several institutions such as World Business Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago and Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The satisfaction of using Southridge Capital to get financial solutions

According to newswire, the services that Southridge capital offers the public companies are advisory and structured finances. It has the full dedication to making sure that they have assisted their clients to achieve their needs by giving them a complete idea of what happens in the innovative financial solutions. They have pride in them being the core executive team that is well conversant with the marketplace and that they have the needed expertise in executing all they have to come up with plans for the clients. The company has already invested $1.8 million into growing companies from 1996. They have financed 250 public companies. So that makes Southridge aware of all the concerns that any company that is at the stage of growing faces. The team of Southridge Capital has the skills needed and expertise to deal with the corporate issues. You can checkout for more info.


Southridge Capital will offers services like credit score repair, giving any company the chance of attaining any loan that they may need, and the services will be at an affordable price. It will help companies that are in debt to come up with ways that they can deal with their financial difficulties. Every company will need help when it comes to the setting of a budget that will help without leaving the company in debt, Southridge will help such companies come with exactly what they need.


Southridge capital cares and nurtures their social responsibility, which the team will freely demonstrate through formal and informal philanthropy. They will participate in volunteer work, giving as a team in the community and community leadership because they know that is the way that they will be able to improve, strengthen the company and but impact the community and the society as well. As much as the company is involved in the endeavors that assist the fellow citizens as well as encourage the non-no profit organizations. Southridge capital and Daystar foundation has changed the financial support of many organizations. With that Southbridge has had full support in the charitable organization for decades. Supporting of the meaningful causes is not just a personal mission that they find fulfilling, but to them, it’s a social responsibility and corporate too.




Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks are Real

Matt Badiali is among the financial experts who are impacting the lives of Americas through the publications he has been making through Banyan Hill Publishing. The businessman has been working with the respected publications company for some time, and he has introduced some great tricks and tips that have helped investors. Unlike most of the other professionals working in the firm, Matt Badiali specializes in the investments in the natural department. This area is unexploited by the modern investor, and Badiali believes that most people can make their wealth when they focus on the investments based on nature. Badiali had a rough upbringing, and he had an opportunity to watch his father invest in many investments in the past. Visit to know more.

When Badiali enrolled in the university decades ago, he wanted to acquire the best skills that were going to change his life and that of his family. The businessman was always passionate about nature, and he only that about a career in this department. Matt Badiali got his first degree in earth science, and he pursued a second degree in geology. Getting these two academic qualifications was one of the best things that the businessman ever did. As a scientist in the modern world where getting a profitable investment is a complicated affair, Matt Badiali has managed to change lives. Badiali has also made great investments in this area. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

The businessman changed his career path when he was introduced to the world of finance by one of the people who were close to him. Badiali invested most of his time and resources in finance, and he has reaped great benefits. At the moment, the businessman is considered to be one of the most sought after finance executives. Just recently, the renowned professional advised people to consider freedom checks as a great way of earning money. Although most people are scared of this investment opportunity because of the numerous scams that are in the market, Matt Badiali believes that it is possible to earn some good profits though Freedom Checks. Badiali has studied this investment opportunity for a while now, and he has finally concluded that it is one of the things that will change the lives of the people who need to earn some wealth while they are at the comfort of their houses. Matt Badiali can be trusted because he has been in the finance department for a long time, and he has understood some of the things that look complicated to most investors.



The excellent achievement of Jeff Yastine as the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill publishing firm focuses on the independent investment advice and from the time it started it has been growing fast. So many readers will depend on the site so that to get to know of the investment opportunities which are promising. Things like natural resources and commodities, income producing investment, options plays and small-cap and mid-cap stocks will be what the website will mainly focus on. In 1998 that’s when Banyan Hill was founded, from then they have managed to maintain a good reputation as they are known as global asset Investment Company that can be able to get their clients all the information needed. Read this article at

Their primary goal is that they offer the readers the needed advice when it comes to the global investment strategies and running of the offshore bank accounts. There was the rebranding of the name to Banyan Hill Publishing, with the rebranding there were other changes because they would offer the advice still but from the company’s network that would be global. They make sure that they provide their clients with the better ways that they can use to protect their assets. The employees at Banyan Hill will have the needed background when it comes to technical analysis, financial planning, and business management. Follow Jeff Yastine on Medium.

One person on the team is Jeff Yastine who joined the company in 2015 as the editor of the company. Bring with him the experience that he has gained for as long as he has worked in stock market investment. Jeff Yastine uses the skills that he has learned in writing about the financial market so that to the investors will understand so that to decide on the investment that they can make so as to make the needed income.

In his education years, he attended the University of Florida where he graduated with a degree in English Literature. Before the graduation, Jeff Yastine was still writing, and he wrote about the campus life like the up and coming to college and the everyday events that students had to go through before them graduating. Working on the newsletter of the school was preparing him so that in his professional career he would have the needed skill. That’s what exactly Jeff Yastine has achieved over the years he is an expert in publication, and he is improving with time. He believes that through his writing he has changed the lives of so many people and he still does.

The RealReal Knows the Real Deal

Staying on top of a venture, its investments, and returns that accompany the deal is a challenge in itself, for any CEO. And, it is even more so of a challenge when a captain of industry seeks to do business with new investors, while staying on top of daily business duties. Getting everything to come together in smart fashion while cutting a profit in a competitive market can prove daunting at times.

It is not uncommon for businesses to take a beating just to break even, so they can do it all over again when the next year comes. Those companies that do make a profit, and in some cases thrive within their industry, really ought to be commended. Throw in the reality of politics involved within the world of fashion accessories, and one woman in a thousand has the fortitude to succeed.

Still, RealReal CEO Julie Wainwright manages to find meaning and the vision needed to drive her business toward success. So, it is only reasonable that she networks for potential investors regarding her venture. The concept is simple. Wainwright uses her own acumen and modern technological advances, such as the internet, to resale high-end fashion.

Of course, there are things like payroll, insurance and the leasing of office space that make investing networks everyday institutions. The goal is impressive. Adding to hundreds of millions of value, Wainwright invites new blood into the fold. No matter what happens in trade and commerce, or anywhere else in life, there is usually more than one way of thinking through a situation.

One the one hand, some people see Wainwright’s public seek-and-find mission as an indication that her company is not as stable as it could be. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it simply may need time to grow. However, other industry insiders say that RealReal’s need for investors coupled with its ability to survive this long points to one fact. They believe there may be a substantial and hidden market ready to provide a lucrative service worldwide once the groundwork is finished being laid.”

GoBuyside (AD/nY)

The recruitment industry is hot! Many companies are finding that by choosing the right ones they can make a lot of money.

One such firm that are recruiting top talent is GoBuyside. Established in 2011, it has become one of the major recruitment firms in the country. It has helped numerous companies and in individuals to rank high in their quest to find top talent, which isn’t easy. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

But Gobuyside has made it seem easy, it certainly is to its highly skilled professionals, who have helped many firms find qualified people to make their businesses rock.

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And when you think about it, what business today doesn’t want to be financially successful? That’s the reason why its in business in the first place, isn’t it?

When a firm have the right kind of people for the right kind of job, then everything runs right, when it doesn’t, well you get the picture. And GoBuyside wants your business to succeed, that’s why it’s dedicated to making sure you find the right kind of people for the job. Follow GoBuyside on

So go ahead and sign up and become a registered member of its trusted website so you can begin to start your recruitment process. Their trusted staff is waiting online for you so they can answer all your business related concerns. After all, that’s what they’re there for.

GoBuyside realizes that it’s tough to run a business today. especially when you don’t have the right kind of people. And that is what they are willing to assist you in that regard.

So, for the last time, go online now and set account with GoBuyside and begin to experience the joy of being able to get assistance in finding top-tier workers that you will be an asset to your firm, not a liability. You won’t regret choosing GoBuyside. Why not contact You’ll be happy you did.


Daniel Arriaga’s Oscar Win Is A Seminal Moment For Academy Of Art University

The Academy of Art University has made a strong name for themselves in the world of secondary education. They are the largest privately owned school of its kind in the nation and the largest property holder in all of San Francisco. The school also has a number of famous alumni.

In addition to big names like fashion designer Kara Laricks and bitcoin entrepreneur Margaux Avedisian, this school was also once the stomping grounds of famous film maker Daniel Arriaga. His recent Oscar win for his work on Coco just may have elevated to the very top of this prestigious list.

Arriaga is the senior director of Pixar Studios and this is one of the most prestigious positions in all of animation. Coco allowed him to combine two of the biggest passions of his life: his love for animation and his Mexican culture.

While this school has been in existence for nearly 90 years and has seen thousands of students pass thru its hallowed halls, this might be the biggest achievement yet. In addition to their contributions to the film industry, this school is also a regular participant in New York’s Fashion Week.

Arriaga has also been quick to credit the Academy of Art University for providing him with the tools that he needed to become a top notch film maker. He studied animation and art direction at the university and believes that the tutelage he received played a major role in the success that he was able to enjoy.

He was able to weave these lessons together with his own cultural history to create a film that seems destined to stand the test of time. Not only was he able to place the benefits of his educational experience on full display but he was also able to use the film as a means of dispelling falsehoods about his culture.

American audiences were finally able to learn about the true story of the Land of the Dead and El Día de los Muertos. Spreading his culture’s beliefs and getting rid of the stereotypes that have continued to persist was very important to Arriaga. Film industry observers are now waiting with anticipation for Pixar’s follow up project.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillars to Financial Planning

Growing up in a family of teachers, Richard Dwayne Blair adopted an appreciation for the impact teaching can have on personal growth. With this in mind and his particular capacity with finances, Richard Dwayne Blair founded Wealth Solutions, a registered investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas in 1994. To this day his goal remains committed to providing personalized retirement income planning for all of his clients. Here are his three pillars to financial planning.

  1. Lay out the clients financial goals, both in the short-term and long-term. By having a clear and mutual understanding of a client’s financial goals, Richard can ensure that their particular financial plan is headed in the right direction.
  2. Develop a specific, long-term investment plan that caters to the goals the particular client outlined in the first step of the process. During this step, Richard will reallocate assets in a client’s investment portfolio, to take advantage of upward trends in the market and/or limit losses during negative movement in the market. The performance of the clients investments are tracked to ensure that they are meeting the goals outlined across all fronts.
  3. Provide insurance needs a client may have. At this point in the process, Richard will have tailored a financial plans to the specific needs of a client. After the process of managing a client’s assets and having the framework of the financial plan in place, Richard will move forward with insurance plans. This could be life insurance, long-term care insurance and potential annuities.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s, Wealth Solutions, has been a registered investment advisory firm for over 23 years. Currently valued at $52 million dollars, Wealth Solutions is one of the most successful RIA’s in the state of Texas. Their practice is overseen by the SEC, ensuring each and every client will gain credible financial planning and investment services.