An Entrepreneur Who Is Here To Change the Industry: Ted Bauman

Ted Joined Banyan Hill in 2013. Ted moved from the U.S to South Africa in 1980s. Since then he has played significant roles in the development and implementation of economic policy and urbanization. The great man held a position in various global entities such as the United Nations as well as African and European governments.

His Work History

Ted Bauman has been a traveler to many parts of Africa and Asia. His traveling has helped him in understand the political and economic dynamics and the way the two components react in different societies. He has also been able to publish research and commentaries in different international journals.

Ted went back to America in 2008 and established a non-profit organization in Atlanta. While working with the Non-profit organization, he assumed a role of a Director in International Programs. Ted Bauman is known for his amazing application of knowledge and expertise in solving the most complex social, economic and political issues in any organizations.

As an economist, Mr. Bauman is able to look at any investment opportunity from different perspectives. His outstanding capabilities have enabled him to offer readers some insights into the market trends as well as developments that provide profit potential.

His Alpha Stock Alert

In his Alpha stock alert, Ted Bauman gives various stock recommendations in accordance with the Alpha Code System. His extensive knowledge in the stock market has enabled him to provide the best guidance for the people who are in the stock market business. With some assistance from the best experts in the industry, Bauman has been able to develop an incredible “algorithmic” trading system.

The Plan B Club:

Ted Bauman also established an amazing guide to the people who would wish to travel abroad or change their citizenship. Ted Bauman has been able to provide accurate as well as up-to-date information regarding the various ways in which an individual can protect their wealth and evade various unnecessary tax burdens hence living a fulfilling life.

More about Bauman

Bauman was born in Washington D.C. He was, however, brought up in the Maryland Eastern Shore. After some time, he moved to South Africa where he attended Cape Town where he graduated with a postgraduate degree in economics and history.

How Fracisco J. Domenech Gave New Meaning to Mainstream Politics

The government affairs law firm Politank, has Francisco J. Domenech, Esq. as a Managing Partner of POLITIK. The law firm is expert in developing plans and strategies to represent private interests in government forums.

Mr. Domenech has been involved in active politics for nearly two decades. He holds two degrees from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. He did B.A. in political science and later on earned his Juris Doctor. He was very active and vocal in his college days which is evident from the post of President in the General Student Body Council in the academic year 1999-2001. He was an Academic Senator too. When he was in law school, he took up courses for a semester at the University of London. He was competitive and at the same time wanted justice and eventually betterment of the society. Connect with Francisco Domenech by visiting his linkedin account.

Chronologically, Mr. Domenech was the Chief Counsel of Puerto Rico Senator Kenneth McClintock. His role was to give legal advice, to represent the interest of the Senate before courts, and also supervising outside counsel. He was so good at his job, it took him barely six months to become the Director of the Office of Legislative Services and supervised a staff having a strength of 130 people with an annual budget of $12 million.

He is known for the instrumental role as a campaign manager in 2008 and 2016 for Hillary Clinton is one of the few accomplishments in the career of this great man. The responsibilities that come with the job of a campaign manager are huge and Mr. Domenech embraced it all and made the difference in Hillary Clinton’s win in Puerto Rico in the 2008 presidential campaign. They together defeated Obama with a 68-32 margin. Mr. Francisco Domenech was very vocal about his support for Clinton and said and went far to say that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate of bringing the country back on track.

He also has a philanthropic side to his nature. He supported The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, The Clinton Foundation, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, and the TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund to name a few. Learn more:



Rodrigo Terpins-A leader and rally driver.

In a recent interview, one of Brazil’s best-known rally drivers gave his fans an opportunity to learn more about him. It was a candid interview, to say the least, and as Rodrigo Terpins opened his life to the world, he hoped to inspire others to become even better. As a professional driver and businessman Rodrigo has been able to achieve some feats that put him in a position of natural leadership. Check out


After completing his degree in Business management, he took a job at Lojas Marisa where he would work and eventually become president of the company. At the time he would discover his love of Motorsport and delve into the same. As the years went on, he realized that he had a chance to become a professional driver. This would see him persuade his brother Michel to leave the cross country and join rally. He eventually managed to convince him to do so in 2002 and together they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team has grown to become a fan favorite, and its popularity continues to grow by the day. In recent years they have expanded by bringing in two vehicles, i.e., the T-Rex with each brother engaging a navigator which enables them to be more competitive eventually. The team has been one of Rodrigo Terpins greatest achievement despite him running his own company by the name Floresvale. This is one of the few companies that supply certified wood in Brazil. The company was established as a way of ensuring environmental protection and sustainability. Terpins was on record talking about the increase in awareness of the impact companies are having on the environment. For example, he spoke about an impact on his company brought about by the increased concern on the source of wood for furniture. As Brazil continues to be one of the leading suppliers of wood, there is a need to balance the cutting down of trees and replanting.

Rodrigo noted that the use of technology has had an impact on this as they are now able to use tools such as Google earth and maps to monitor activities in their forests.


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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Doesn’t Take His Life Or Profession For Granted

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says future plastic surgeons should be prepared to fight their way to top. It’s a competitive industry. Get in a good school and then do well in a residency program. He says it’s all worth it because you get to be creative and use your skills to help people with various ailments.

His Education

Dr. Jejurikar went to the University of Michigan, which is one of the top 25 medical schools in the U.S. He completed his residency at Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. There he specialized in aesthetic surgery. After that he worked internationally and participated in workshops and some volunteer work.

During His Free Time

When he is not consumed with plastic surgery work and meetings Dr. Jejurikar travels abroad to perform medical deed. Just in March he traveled with Smile Bangladesh to support a nonprofit and help them provide treatment for cleft lip deformations. When Dr. Jejurikar went on the trip he said it just emphasized why he’s so passionate about his work.

Staying Grounded

He says traveling to Bangladesh is a hard trip to take. When he goes he finds himself being thankful for all that he has in life. Trips like these keep him in check for the rest of the year. He has built such a relationship with the core members of the group and the organization. He says even if he travels with another group, they will not take the place of this one. He will always be a willing participant. Dr. Jejurikar is a very busy surgeon, but he feels that he’s doing what’s necessary to keep up. He wants to continue to be a successful plastic surgeon and he knows he needs to continue to practice your skills and grow. Always learning, always studying and always improving.

Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare is a dental surgeon who has over five decades of experience in the dental industry. Shafik was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania and immigrated to the United Kingdom. He attended the University of London and earned his dental certification from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. In addition to working with Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina also holds various titles at other healthcare companies as well.

During his employment, Shafik Sechedina of Sussex Healthcare has made a large impact on the lives of the patients he has helped. His expertise knowledge of dental procedures has kept his patients in good dental and oral health. Sussex Healthcare is a network of homes that assist those in end of life care and those with terminal illnesses.

Sussex Healthcare also helps treat patients with autism and other conditions that require around the clock care. The homes are all staffed with knowledgeable and caring doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dentists and dental assistants. Some of the medical homes have pools for aquatic therapy and they all are created to mimic normal houses. There are beautiful gardens to enjoy and activities to create a comfortable atmosphere.

All meals are served by expert chefs who are trained in the nutritional requirements of each patient. Shafik Sechedina of Sussex Healthcare works with a team of expert dentists who can diagnose and treat all dental conditions of the Sussex Healthcare patients. His staff works closely with all other medical staff and support staff to treat each patient as part of a team effort. Sussex Healthcare is comprised of more than twenty homes that are dispersed in the United Kingdom.

Shafik Sachedina graduated from dental school in 1975. Shortly after his graduation he opened his own private dental practice in England. Shafik Sachedina is also an active volunteer for Agha Khan Jamati Institutions. Even though he is quite busy he also was able to serve as the president of the Ismaili Council for two years. He enjoys his busy career life and continually learning new dental techniques and technology to implement with his patients.

Jacob Gotlieb Merges with Stuart Weisbord Again

Jacob Gotlieb and Stuart Weisbord are once again working together after about 20 years when each one was pursuing their business endeavors. The working relationship between the two healthcare investors is deep. They once were workmates in Merlin Biomed Group. After a long spell apart, they have once again come together to plan for a future in business as a team.

Mr. Stuart Weisbord was one of the co-founders of Merlin Biomed Group. During its creation, the firm aimed at enhancing health care with an emphasis on employing biotechnology and pharmaceutical knowhow in treating patients. This is a field where Mr. Stuart Weisbord is pro having been in the area while working in other healthcare investment companies such as Oracle Partners and Merril Lynch.

His academic qualifications are also outstanding having graduated with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Princeton University. He left this institution in 1980. He later joined Columbia University where he graduated with an MBA in finance in 1986. Before entering these institutions, Mr. Stuart had attended Colgate University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry.

After leaving Merlin Biomed Group, Weisbord created his firm that is called Iguana Healthcare Partners. The company has a similar operating model to that of Merlin. Jacob Gotlieb also followed a similar path after leaving Merlin. He had immense experience in the finance industry and used this prowess to start his firm that is called Visium Asset management. At the time of its creation, the company had $300 million capital. This later outgrew the initial projections to an astounding $2.5 billion. The company experienced a financial crisis at the time of this announcement. However, this didn’t deter it from getting back to profitable terms. In the latest evaluation, Visium had a value of $8 billion in hedge funds.

The company has experienced problems lately and was ultimately closed. However, no accusation has been leveled towards Mr. Gotlieb. He is still making strides in business, and the latest partnership with Weisbord is expected to bring wonders to the industry.

Mike Bagguley and the Investment Zone

Barclays is a widely known United Kingdom company that chose a man by the name of Mike Bagguley to work as its Chief Operating Officer. Mike Bagguley is a professional who has a lot of proficiency that pertains to investment banking matters. Bagguley in the past was in charge of the firm’s macro markets division. He was given the job of speeding up the process of implementing a technique that has been in the works for a while. The aim behind the technique was to strengthen earnings and decrease expenses at the same time. The company requested that Bagguley even out infrastructure components and aid with the orchestration of missions of all kinds. People can learn a lot about Bagguley and all that he does simply by checking out his page on CrunchBase.

Bagguley previously monitored many adjustments for the macro sector. He closely supervised all kinds of concepts that related to subjects such as commodities items, foreign exchange and even interest rates.

Mike Bagguley attended the United Kingdom’s University of Warwick. He secured a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree from the institution back in 1988. The University of Warwick is public and is located in Coventry, an English city. Mike Bagguley was born with the full name of “Michael Roy Andrew Bagguley. He’s aware of the strength of social media in the modern age. That’s the reason he has accounts on platforms like both Twitter and LinkedIn.

Barclay is at the helm of an investment financial institution that has done a lot to minimize its assets that involve risk over the last couple of years or so. The bank has moved toward another stage of its overhaul. It’s striving to decrease expenses now. It’s striving to safeguard all earnings by making things a lot more streamlined for everyone.

It can be quite tough for the investment entity to hone its overall approach and style. This is something that’s on Jes Staley’s mind at the moment, and understandably so. The field can be rather unpredictable and tough to navigate. Politicians and investors concentrate on it on a frequent basis as well.

Tsunami XR’s Alex Hern Explains The Future Of Virtual Reality

The decision of Alex Hern, a popular technology entrepreneur to throw his lot in with the development of virtual reality has confused some. Alex Hern explains the desire to build on the early success of virtual reality comes from the advances already made in the field over the last few years. Advances have are already been made in the sectors of sight and sound in virtual reality leaving the sense of touch, taste, and smell as the breakthroughs waiting to happen. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

San Diego-based Alex Hern has been involved in the development of technology startups for more than 25 years and believes he has the ability to push forward the virtual reality sector. Through his work with Tsunami XR, Alex Hern is looking to create better standards for audio and visual experiences in the simulated digital world. There are still some boundaries to be explored by pioneers in the field, including touch, taste, and smell. Some theme parks are leading the introduction of smell into their experiences with the introduction of odor into events. Researchers from academic institutions in North America and Japan have found the introduction of odor into virtual environments can alter the perception of place. A virtual environment which includes the correct odor can be better believed and enjoyed in the view of researchers at Tokyo University.


Alex Hern points to the fact the virtual reality industry is set to be worth an estimated $209 billion by 2022 as reason enough for his continued research into the technology. In the future, Hern believes the simulation of physical environments and imagined ones will change the way academic subjects are taught and leisure time enjoyed. Follow Alex Hern on

What Fortress Investment Group Does Differently than Other Alternative Asset Managers

From the time of its beginning in 1998 — where it was established as a private equity company — Fortress Investment Group are trendsetters. This was underlined by its initial public offering in 2007, where it was the original large-scale private equity company of its time to go public to the New York Stock Exchange.

Now, Fortress is an international diversified investment management agency that manages more than $43 billion of assets for more than 1,750 investors in permanent capital vehicles, private equity and hedge funds. Its approach is that of “powerful risk-adjusted profits” for investors in the long term. Based in New York, it has more than 900 people employed.

Its three administrators are New York-based Wes Edens and Randal Nardone and San Francisco-stationed Peter Briger. The main areas of specialization that Fortress Investment Group practices with include:

• operations management
• asset-based investing
• corporate mergers and acquisitions
• sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions
• capital markets

Their asset-based investments — through credit and private equity funds — are produced by a wide diversity of assets such as capital, real estate and financial means that generate long-term cash streams. The firm has notable expertise in owning, pricing, managing and financing both financial and physical assets.

In the field of operations management, Fortress Investment Group has exhibited strong tools for securing value from the extremely intricate investments it performs. It exceeds at assessing structural, strategic and operational “facts in the territory” when handling its portfolios.

Throughout its twenty years of existence, Fortress Investment Group has acquired deep specialization in conducting mergers and acquisitions. Its organization both know and have connections with a broad range of management professionals, corporate board members and other corporate stakeholders.

This expertise also determines that Fortress Investment Group is an expert company with concerns to capital markets. They have meaningful expertise in obtaining financing by equity and debt markets.

Ultimately, Fortress Investment Group’s continued track record of leading portfolio groups has provided it a large deal of institutional information concerning an extended assortment of fields. Its representatives include many who hold firm sector-distinct know-how that is international in scope.

Randal Nardone’s Leadership as Fortress Investment Group’s CEO Will Be an Asset to SoftBank After Its $3.3 Billion Purchase of the Organization

If you are curious as to how someone becomes a billionaire, then it will certainly interest you to hear the story of Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone is a member of the Forbes billionaire list, and is listed as number 557. Much of his wealth came to him because of his involvement with Fortress Investment Group, which has experienced an insane amount of growth since its inception way back in 1998. Nardone was one of first people involved with the private equity management organization, and he helped co-found it. Additionally, he has been serving Fortress as one of its principals ever since the beginning.

His start, however, is much less luxurious and far more normal. Randal Nardone’s university education gave him the skills and knowledge to have a successful career. His undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Connecticut and his J.D. was completed at the University of Boston. After going to school, like any other former student, he searched for a quality position in his desired field. BlackRock Financial was one of the most successful companies that Nardone worked for before the launch of Fortress Investment Group. He actually acted as a principal at BlackRock Financial, which was a job with a lot of responsibility. This experience prepared him quite well for his future leadership positions with Fortress Investment Group.

During his time with Fortress, Randal Nardone has held two different leadership positions, both of which have been quite demanding of him. Even in the company’s infancy in 1998, Nardone was a principal and made some important decisions. Currently, however, he holds even more power and influence because he is the CEO of Fortress Investment Group, which is a position that he finally earned in 2013. Along with Peter Briger and Wes Edens, he is among the three Fortress principals that remained with the company after it was sold for $3.3 billion to SoftBank. SoftBank’s leader and founder, Masayoshi Son, clearly sees far too much value in Randal Nardone to attempt to replace him, and together Fortress and  SoftBank will likely enjoy even more success in coming years. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group