Avi Weisfogel is a creative innovator and an Established Philanthropist

Avi Weisfogel began his professional career as a general dentist with a dental office known as Old Bridge Dental Care headquartered in New Jersey. He has received the prestigious Best Dentist Award several times. He graduated from the Rutgers University with a degree in Biology and Physiology. Later on, he joined New York University College of Dentistry and pursued his dentist degree.

Charity work

Avi Weisfogel has launched a GoFundMe campaign for the acclaimed charity, Operation Smile. The activities of this charitable organization have inspired him a lot. The charity was established in 1982 and since then it has been helping kids born with defects like cleft lips and cleft palates. The funds raised through the GoFundMe campaign will be used to sponsor activities and programs of Operation Smile.

Business ventures

Avi is the owner and founder of the New York-based Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. He enlightens people on how to deal with their sleep problems and with a special focus on sleep apnea. He has an unmatched experience of over sixteen years of helping patients to treat their sleep complications. Avi established Healthy Heart Sleep, an organization that helps doctors learn the real cause of sleep apnea and strategies for treating people with sleeping disorders. Three years later, he launched Owner Unlimited Sleep and started to lecture dentists on sleep problems such as sleep apnea. Avi founded Dental Sleep Masters to train dentists on how to utilize several oral devices to treat sleep disorders and lecture them on how dental health can cause sleep issues.

Social media
Avi has made a name for himself on social media. He uses his Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to educate his followers on how they can maintain their oral health at a top-notch level and minimize the risks of getting sleep disorders.

Avi has uploaded numerous videos of him lecturing other physicians and dental experts on how to manage or treat sleep disorders. Avi is a motivational speaker who shares his personal experience with his audience.


Avi is a multi-talented individual. He has ventured into the music world and specifically the hip-hop genre. His music is available on Soundcloud. He has attracted many followers on Soundcloud, who are eager to listen to his new tracks.

Keith Mann: Helping the Youth Live Out Their Dreams

Someone like Keith Mann comes along but once in a lifetime. I don’t mean that to be over dramatic or give the man unworthy praise. He has earned the praise. We all know the wonderful work he has done with Dynamics Search Partners. That speaks for itself. We all know he is a tireless worker and the kind of person that doesn’t rest until he gets the results he is looking forward. He cares about this and it means something to him. It isn’t just a hobby for him or something he does for fun. He is a passionate man and with passion, you get someone that is going to give it his all and not leave anything at the door.

That is what he is doing with the Keith Mann and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. It is all about the new generation of kids in the Brooklyn area at Uncommon Schools. Kids today are smarter than ever and they are learning things at a rapid pace. There is one problem, however, and that is that sometimes they don’t get the chances that others get in their lives. Maybe they come from a household that doesn’t have a lot of money and they can’t afford to further their education.

They have all of these wonderful dreams, aspirations, and hopes, but they have to put them on the back burner because college just isn’t something that is going to happen for them. That is sad and it shouldn’t be that way. They should be able to do anything they set their mind to without anything restricting them or any roadblocks. After all, we need a bright future. These are the future leaders and future businessmen and women that are going to lead us years from now. We need to protect that, take care of it, and never let it go away.

That is what this scholarship is all about. It is about making it a level playing field and allowing everyone to have their day in court, so to speak. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you are going and what’s next.

Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab Shopping Experience Gaining Global Fan Base

Shopping for fashion in the modern world has changed significantly in just the past few years, and JustFab co-founder Adam Goldenberg has had the vision to expand on the way people love to make purchases when leading a busy lifestyle.

Along with his co-founder Don Ressler, the businessmen duo have made the JustFab brand a quality label to watch in the coming months. Already, more than 4 million members have joined the JustFab community, and the new numbers keep exploding every month.

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer selling a gorgeous selection of shoes, denim, handbags and jewelry on entrepreneur.wiki.Members receive personalized style with superb quality and value.

It’s so popular, that tons of celebrities shop at JustFab, showing off glam, sexy looks all the time. Stars like Ariel Winter and Angie Harmon love Just Fab shoes, Amy Smart digs their skinny jeans, Emily Blunt and Ellie Kemper love JustFab’s cool clutches and Lindsay Lohan adores their cute, stiletto booties.

Adam Goldenberg says the key to JustFab is this:

“Giving women and now men, access to the fashion they want, at a value they love.”

He believes that modern shopping occurs online and that the major fashion brands of this decade and the next, will emerge from e-commerce instead of through retail. JustFab has been able to cut out the middleman, so to speak, and bring excellent value back to the customer at 30% savings each time one shops.

Still, Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don Ressler are also trying to corner the retail market. They’ve opened 10 retail stores so far and intend on establishing about 100 more brick and mortar JustFab locations within the next three to five years. This allows JustFab fans to see the merchandise up close, examine it and try it on in person, and according to Adam Goldenberg, these few JustFab test stores have been doing great business.

VIP membership to JustFab is quick and easy, after taking a style quiz, and then it’s off to shop. Membership costs $39.95 per month, and new members get 20% off their first item with lots of wonderful perks and offers that keep pouring in.

Adam Goldenberg not only possesses great vision when it comes to branding, he’s also developed quite an impressive resume in internet marketing, product development and management.

JustFab also shares its business umbrella with three other online fashion retailers- Fabletics, FL2 and FabKids. Source: http://vator.tv/news/2015-04-25-adam-goldenberg-pivoting-your-company-doesnt-work

Why Securus Is Vital to Prisoners And Families

After having a loved one in prison, I learned how frustrating it can be to never have access to them and being able to keep them updated on outside life. My relative was put into prison and was there for over a year. This is when I found out about Securus and began to make use of a communication system that is truly made with prisoners and their families in mind. This has been a godsend to me and my own loved ones as well as anyone else I know who has a loved one who is in prison.

There are a lot of people currently using Securus, so it might help you to know what this system is before you make the decision to use it yourself. For one, Securus helps to get people communicating in the prison system. This involves video messages, voice mail and calls that are all fully secured and easy to make use of. This allows you to use a system without needing to make a lengthy trip to the prison to be face-to-face with that person. If your loved one is in a prison far away, this can come in incredibly handy for anyone who might be involved.

I have been using Securus for months and am thrilled with what it has done for me and my relatives. I will never go back to using the old system of communication again and I do not need to worry about being at the prison to be able to communicate with a loved one. It saves me a lot of time and money in the process and is just what I need for my relative and their needs as well. I will continually recommend and tell people about Securus and how well it is working for others.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Brad Reifler Helps Non-Accredited Investors

Brad Reifler learned some tough lessons early in life. He wanted to safely put away some money in an investment fund to cover his daughters’ education. Reifler lost money on the fund. While many would become dejected and bitter over the experience, Reifler allows the situation to change his attitude and perspectives about investing. Eventually, he founded Forefront Capital, a firm designed to aid those looking to make their substantial amounts of money grow.

He also gained a desire to help those who are non-accredited investors. The difference between accredited and non-accredited investors is huge. An accredited investor is worth over a million dollars and has significant liquidity. That means he or she has direct access to a significant amount of cash. Accredited investors are allowed to put money into riskier investment vehicles. For example, such a person may invest $50,000 into an oil well with the hopes of seeing a 15% or more return.

Non-accredited investors, due to their limited funds, may not invest into certain vehicles. Laws and regulations bar them from doing so. This can aggravate members of the 99% since they cannot put funds into endeavors that could reap huge rewards. Brad Reifler tells them not to be discouraged. He has a lot of advice for them that could aid their ability to get more mileage out of their available investment capital.

Reifler has been involved with finance and investing since 1982. He has founded companies over the course of his life, and these companies include Reifler Trading Corporation and Pali Capital. As CEO of Forefront Capital, he continues his work in the financial world and is helping investors with their own unique goals.

At one tine, Reifler specialized in global derivatives. Today, his goals are to help the non-accredited investor. Through writing and speaking about the topic, he has put forth some nice advice for those in dire need of it.

Reifler’s advice on how to invest is based on a mix of common sense and safe principles. Reading his thoughts on the subject would be a wise move for someone trying to figure out the best course of action to follow.

The Midas Legacy Can Help You Reach Your Goals

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm based in Winter Garden, Florida. Of course, it does most of its work online, so the physical place is of little importance since most people can work with The Midas Legacy online. Most people who have heard of The Midas Legacy know that it can help businesses make better choices regarding their business. Some have raved about their affiliate marketing tips, which have turned out to be very effective. But The Midas Legacy team is focused on much more than just that.

The key to this firm is they have built an extensive and diverse group of successful entrepreneurs, journalists, stock market experts, and even authors. The expertise of these professions, among others, makes the The Midas Legacy Team research team a very versatile group. An interested party could get focused and effective help to manage their money so that they can invest more. Investors know that building multiple steams of income is important. Some of our experts have been advisors to very successful investors, so they know how to make money work for an investor in better ways. This is the kind of advice that you can expect from The Midas Team.

Read more:
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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Entrepreneurs who are hoping to stay afloat while attempting to make their idea fruitful will get effective tools to juggle their startup journey. The team selected to work with you might be a successful entrepreneur who has already experienced some of the issues you are going through and knows how to get over any hump. The plans will definitely be customized to suit your needs, but you can rest assured that The Midas Team will advise you with tactics that have worked before.

The Midas Legacy Team can even help people retire early and more successfully by building a personalized plan. Retiring early could mean balancing your finances, or it could mean investing. The truth is that there are a lot of roads towards achieving this, but the key is to understand your specific situation and work from there, which is what the team in The Midas Legacy firm is focused on doing.

The team also has experience in life coaching as well as natural health. Some who may be searching for information regarding these fields will be in good hands. The Midas Legacy will help you feel better, happier, and find ways to live naturally in a way that suits you. It is clear to see that The Midas Legacy has a good grip on what they can offer their clients.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy:


Lack of Reputation Management Can Quickly Kill a Business

One of the things that quickly brings a business to its knees are negative reviews from people that had a slightly bad experience. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, the flame of the review is so hot that it scorches your business a little. After awhile, if you don’t do anything about that, the structure is going to get damaged, and you’ll be so far in negative reputation that you can’t attract new customers. It happens all the time, and business owners never even notice because they don’t realize that internet marketing is a thing. They have no idea that they have an online and local identity that is measured by the amount of promotion and legwork they have done to get it there.


One would imagine that if you are in a town filled with competitors, your business may not thrive to its full potential if it is not being managed in the proper fashion. You need to make sure that negative publicity is controlled, not to censor people — but to fix the problems that they had. It’s more than just removing things or burying them — it’s really about making sure that people are satisfied through a resolution. While that’s obviously not the only side to reputation management, it’s a HUGE part of being a successful business with a healthy business practice.


Searchcleanup.com specializes in removing negative reviews online, serving anyone who has a negative blog post, article, comment, review, or just about anything related online about them. When competitors strike, trying to make you look bad and bring clients over to their side, you don’t have to play dirty too. You can scrub the negative information off and prevent it from further happening the same way in the future — thus deterring people from ruining your name in the future. A lot of businesses who have never used reputation management before don’t realize just how valuable it is — especially if you have a company that is constantly reviewing online search results for you to make sure that nothing pops up out of the blue!

The 5 Must Have Items from JustFab This Summer

Summer is now almost here and with it comes a need for some fashionable wear for all of those warm day activities. Whether you are heading out to brunch with that special guy or heading out for a girl’s day, shopping and laughing, there is a need for fashion and JustFab is the best place to get fashionable summer looks for a very low price.

Here are a few of the new offerings that can get your summer fashion look started with a bang. It takes a lot of thought to be fashionable and JustFab provides all the greatest looks for the summer.

1.The Little Black Dress

Fabletics is offering a wide variety that can satisfy your search for that little black dress. This is a look that will get the attention of any guy and make a lady feel sexy at the beach or out at the club.

The length and cut of the shoulders can vary depending on taste, but the attitude and feel of the outfit will forever be one of sex appeal and strength. The fun will always begin when the little black dress goes on this summer!

2.Sandals are a Summer Must

The search for sandals that are perfect for any occasions begins and ends at JustFab. They provide a large selection of options from sweet printed styles to towering platform wedges. There is nothing more comfortable in the summer than wearing sandals.

They allow you to feel as cool as you look. JustFab offers some gladiator flats that are really in style this summer – https://www.facebook.com/justfab/. For the widest variety of stylish and unique sandals stop, complete any look by logging into JustFab.

3.A Girl Needs a Bag

It doesn’t matter what type of evening you are headed out to enjoy, all women need a fashionable and functional bag to help keep it together. There are classic tote bags that are very attractive and come is a variety of colors to match almost everything.

They are easy to carry around. They have everything, satchels, grips and shoulder bags that you can accessorize for any summer activity from going to the beach to a breezy summer family function.

4.Got to Have that Bling

A lady always needs to feel elegant and special. JustFab provides a large jewelry selection that will allow for a stunning statement of style this summer (http://www.heels.com/shoe-brand/just-fab-shoes). They offer unique necklaces and bracelets that can be added to an ensemble to create a look that expresses the class and style that make a lady special. Earrings, rings, and body jewelry are all at your disposal to make a sexy summer expression.

5.Sexy, Fashionable Swimwear

JustFab provides a line of swimwear that provides something sexy for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your suit of choice has a high-waisted appeal or if it is the comfortable bikini look.

They have a wide variety of stylish suits representing all the colors and looks that you can imagine. All swimwear is available at the click of a mouse. Wearing one of these outfits is going to ensure that the hottest thing about summer is going to be you!

According to Wikipedia, JustFab has developed into the go-to shop for all of your summer fashions and that is because whatever you want, they have it and for a lower price.

They have a legion of designers that are continually creating fashionable choices and their summer collection will dazzle and surprise you.

More details cab be found here: JustFab Summer Shop