Matt Badiali Insights on the potential investments in Natural Resource Sector

Matt Badiali considers himself an expert in the natural resources and agricultural sector with years of experience under his belt. Before joining the business world, mark taught geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University before he was approached by an investor who wanted to invest in the mining, energy and natural resources sector. He has vast experience and knowledge of the industries having worked on oil wells, abandoned mines, and oil drill rigs. This has seen him travel far and wide to various countries including Iraq, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea among others. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Badiali started his career as a scientist and he holds a bachelors degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a master of science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. It was at the University of North Carolina while working for his Ph.D. that the business opportunity came knocking and he never looked back. Visit to know more about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he contributes to his Newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. Through the newsletter, he has been able build a good network of established and potential investors who have made great returns in their natural resource investments.

His famous work on what is now famously known as The Freedom Checks further served to increase his contribution and visibility in the sector. According to him, he says that millions of Americans stand a chance to reap millions as a result of America’s goal of energy independence which he sees it as a good investment in the coming years. The freedom checks he says will come from companies that have a primary focus on oil and gas sector. Investors stand a chance of making vast amounts of profits from the profits that these companies will make since most of the oil and gas production is now being done in the U.S. These investments will, in turn, make these companies grow tenfold since they trade like any other stock. Matt’s investigation concluded that freedom checks were not a scam but instead have substantial money-making potential.

Regarding technology, Matt Badiali says he sees electric automobiles as being disruptive and having a money-making potential. He urges investors to look into it and come up with innovative ideas to make significant change.

Matt Badiali attributes his success in the sector to the factor that he always wants to see things on the ground first before making decisions. This he says is the best way to ensure your investments are safe and secure.


Jason Hope – Making a Big Name for Himself Through His Philanthropist Efforts

Well, in the news, Jason Hope donates $500,000 to SENS to help fund their efforts in creating preventive medicines for diseases that cause a speed-up of the aging process as pertaining various parts of the body. Diseases such as: as Alzheimer’s, heart disease and lung disease. SENS is here to prevent these diseases from even happening, let along treating it.

Jason Hope’s background is pretty much in the technical field. He currently runs a tech company that specializes in creating innovative solutions of apps, desktop software and games. And he is a huge supporter of other tech companies – he invests in tech startups.

Jason Hope is a huge supporter of communities. He develops grants for high school and college students so that they’re tech ideas can have some support and make an impact on our world. Besides this effort to develop humanity, many of his philanthropist efforts is the reason of success behind many education, disease cure, scientific research and biotechnology solutions that has made a difference in our world today.

He holds a degree in finance from the University of Arizona State and an MBA degree from W.P. Carey School of Business.

His $500,000 means a lot to SENS. As the organization struggles currently to gain adequate funding for many valuable research endeavors, Jason Hope’s donation will be a huge jump-start to allow SENS to contribute to the hard-fought efforts of preventing Arteriosclerosis. Meaning, this donation will help SENS find a solution to hardened arteries to restore its elasticity. This disease causes aging factors to happen to the eyes and skin. When the medicine for the disease is created and approved by the FDA, it will also play a huge role in slowing down the blood pressure in patients.

Jason Hope believes in SENS 100% and the idea that SENS isn’t afraid to take on the modern day approach and innovate, makes Jason Hope that much more in support of its operations. As SENS focus is to improve health and life, Jason Hope believes that with SENS’ team of experts and focused ideals, they can honestly figure out a way for us to live forever. One day, somehow. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000 As Jason Hope continues to take on a philanthropist role, many communities and patients abroad are making the best of his efforts and benefiting greatly. Please do visit Jason Hope’s website for further details on his pursuits. There is more Jason Hope for the world to know. Via twitter

The Career of Executive Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a business executive who has established himself as one of the top business leaders in the world. He has a lot of experience in mentorship as well as having a entrepreneurial spirit and also being a revolutionary in business. During his career, he has developed M&A’s, provided guidance for startup companies and has also developed new methodologies for performance. He is most well known for being part of a company known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC which is a SAAS corporation ( This company started up in the year 2015. Wakeman currently holds education credentials such as a MBA in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics. During the early part of his career, Glen worked at prominent companies such as General Electric Capital as well as founded the company Nova Four. During his stints at these companies, Wakeman would review profit and loss statements, participate in business development and also serve as the President, CEO and Board of Directors.

One of the things that Glen Wakeman has been known for is developing a 5 step performance methodology in business. This consists of managing risk, using human capital, leadership and the execution of a number of business tasks. He is also a successful writer and investor which has allowed him to inspire other people in terms of analyzing economies and also developing management strategies. Wakeman has as lot of experience with emerging markets and corporate management which has allowed him to establish himself as one of the top market strategists. Over the years Wakeman has also counseled executive groups and has therefore developed a reputation as being one of the more innovative and versatile business leaders around.

Today Glen is quite active with business opportunities where companies are looking to undergo new transformations. With his experience and leadership, Glen is proven to be a very valuable person to work with as a result. Whenever a business is looking to undergo a transformation, Glen will provide advice for things such as raising capital, the use of angel investors and also taking advantage of a number of international financing options. With Wakeman, businesses will work with someone who is very passionate about business innovation, development and helping companies grow.


Dr Saad Saad invents life-saving medical procedure.

Dr Saad was born in Palestine, he, however, grew up in Kuwait and also attended high school in Kuwait. Saad initial dream was to be an engineer. However there was a change, in Kuwait the temperatures are high, and engineering work requires one to operate outdoor. The high temperatures in Kuwait inspired him to change his career to become a doctor as a doctor working indoors.

After completing high school Saad joined Cairo University where he did his medical degree and graduated with honours, he later moved to England for his internship. During his time in England Saad got an opportunity to work closely with qualified people and this helped him to learn many skills that he still upholds to date. Some of the skills he acquired from his mentor were honesty and hard work, these attributes have been important in his career.

Saad has been in the medical sector for many years now and has saved many lives. He has also worked in different institutions as a lecture. However one of the most known works are his inventions, his passion for saving lives led him to invent a catheter detector. A catheter is a tube that is used in medical procedures to drain fluids in the body or even help in surgery, the tubes are sometimes left in the body temporarily or can be fixed in the body permanently.

When the catheter needs to be removed it is important to the procedure is safe during the removal of the catheter, the catheter detector makes the process more reliable since the tube can be easily located to the precise location in the body.

When asked about the inspiration for the inventions, Dr Saad explained that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”. The need for these inventions inspired Dr Saad.

After many years in the medical sector, Dr Saad finally retired, but he despite retiring Saad stills provides useful tips to other surgeons. According to Saad before performing surgery, it is vital to review the operation and refresh your mind this ensures that the process is a success.

There is a lot to learn from Saad, and one important lesson we learn from his journey is that your background should not define your future. Learn more:

Kamil Idris Speaks Out Regarding Intellectual Property

Kamil Idris serves the World Intellectual Property Organization as the Director. He has additionally served the International Union as the Secretary General. Kamil Idris is highly educated and attended the University of Ohio where he earned Master’s degrees in International Affairs and International Law. He earned his Bachelor of law while attending the University of Khartoum. His Bachelor of Arts in Economic Theories, Political Science and Philosophy were acquired at the University of Cairo. He additionally holds an International Law Doctor degree from the University of Geneva.

Kamil Idris has spoken about the transfer of intellectual property, the management of IP pitfalls and mitigating the risks of IP theft. He believes company outsourcing is being influenced by globalization and has changed supply chain management. He believes new destinations for contract manufacturing are emerging due to company expansions. Kamil Idris has stated intellectual property or IP will be a necessary tool for development, information, knowledge and economic growth for all countries.

Kamil Idris says the way this is translated and applied for practical use is dependent on numerous factors. This includes a country’s national policy objectives, their political commitment to the development of IP and the IP rights receiving respect in every sector of society. He additionally feels the existing operational and legislative infrastructure, the skilled IP professionals and policies encouraging creativity and innovation play an important role.

Kamil Idris believes globalization is responsible for the intellectual property pitfalls that have been identified as counterfeiting, piracy and backlogs regarding processing applications for patents. Another challenge caused by globalization is the need to focus more attention and resources on developing IP. human resources and IP training. He sees numerous challenges posed by the communications revolution. This has caused an increase in copyright piracy due to the easier distribution of creative works despite the lack of authorization.

Kamil Idris has spoken of the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty and the WIPO Copyright Treaty. These are steps to incorporating the digital age with the international copyright framework. Minimum protection levels are established by these treaties for material protected with a copyright. There is additionally a coordination of enforcement protection for the owners of the copyrights.

Read more about Kamil Idris:


Ricardo Tosto: Future Planning for Legal Services

Ricardo Tosto is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He specializes in providing legal advice for small business owners. One of the most challenging aspects of starting a company is getting all of the legal work completed. When Ricardo Tosto started his company, he was worried about making enough money to provide for his family. He now earns more income than he ever imagined. He has more work than he can handle each day. He is planning to hire additional workers in the coming months.

Legal Field

Working in the legal field is not easy. Ricardo Tosto had to attend college for many years to obtain a law degree. While he was in school, he worked multiple jobs to pay the bills. He wants to make a positive impact in the lives of his clients. Although he works hard, his passion for his clients keeps him going.

Ricardo Tosto to help his company grow. He manages a website that helps clients get answers to various legal questions.

Future Plans for Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto could retire and live comfortably. However, he enjoys his work too much to sell his company. He plans to build an additional location in his city to serve more clients. With the strong economic growth in Brazil, many people want to start a company. Ricardo Tosto is someone who is continually trying to improve himself. He spends a lot of time reading books about managing a business. Although it was hard to get started, he is excited about his plans for the future. His facebook page

How Edward Graham Influences Telereal Trillium Philanthropic Endeavors.

Telereal Trillium has been involved significantly in influencing the United Kingdom’s property sector in the 21st century. It is on the list of the most significant real estate corporations in the country. Telereal Trillium has a management portfolio of properties spreading across a floor area of 85 million square meters and houses around 1% of UK’s employees. The portfolio is estimated to be worth around £6 billion. The success of the company was not achieved in a fortnight but took the sacrifice and hard work of its esteemed employees under the leadership of a very dedicated Graham Edwards who is the conglomerate’s chief executive officer.

Graham Edwards story at Telereal took a turn for the best in January 2009 when he negotiated with Land Securities Group Plc to actualize the acquisition of Trillium. The deal consolidated the company’s space in the market and made the now formed Telereal Trillium a dominant player in UK’s property market. The agreement also helped to stress the company’s formidable services in development, partnerships, and investments. The result was the creation of a company whose total annual revenues clock £1 billion.

Before Edward Graham joined Telereal Trillium, he had made a name for himself in the property sector. He had worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as their chief investment officer. The subsidiary was the management division of the parent company Pears FSA. Over the years, the division grew exponentially, with an initial investment of £50 million, it now has assets of over £1 billion. Before Talisman Global, Edward had worked as BT Group’s finance manager in their property department, and a fund manager for Merrill Lynch Investment Management.

Since joining the company, Edward Graham has seen the company transform to become a global property leader with success in every sector of the market ( Telereal Trillium continues to astonish many not only in real estate but also in their efforts to bring change in the world through various charity initiatives. The company’s staff donated and helped raise funds to support over 103 UK registered charity organizations. The total amount given by the members was £131,663, and to top it up, Telereal Trillium added £81,708 to compliment the amount. With their Donation Matching Scheme, the company continues to show the world that it understands the value of sharing.


Susan McGalla Teaches other Business Women How to Elevate

Susan McGalla has become a very important person in the world of retail, but she feels that she has an even higher calling than this. As a woman that has working roles such as CEO in corporate settings Susan feels that it is up to her to help people that want to learn how to become corporate business leaders. Her specific focus is on women, and she has spoken many times to women in seminars about what they need to do.

There has been a lot of focus on women in leadership roles because there are so few women that have accomplished what Susan McGalla has accomplished in her lifetime. She is someone that has hit the mark of CEO in two different companies so her words and her experiences are very valuable. She has unveiled in many seminars what it takes to be a woman that shatters the glass ceiling that hold so many women back. Susan McGalla has always talked about how going to college and getting the degree is the initial first step to getting your foot in the door.

It is true that there are some women that forsake the college route to start businesses of their own, but more than 50% of small businesses that start for the first time will fail. The reason that a college degree is still important when it comes to getting into a corporate job has much to do with the skills that you learned about particular job that you were trying to do. You know the theories and the concepts that will propel you to the next level. This is exactly why a degree in marketing was so beneficial to Susan McGalla.

She started out with a smaller company, but she would rise through the ranks as someone that knew about the fundamentals of marketing. This is what you are taught in college. You become someone that becomes aware of the backbone of certain types of professions. Susan was able to learn about things that would help her become a seasoned marketing expert. She would build on there experiences.

The Impact of Dr. Dov Rand

With nearly three decades of experience, Dr. Dov Rand has been making an impact on the medical world for quite some time. The founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, located in NJ, Dr. Rand has a passion for health and medicine that is matched by few. A graduate of the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in N.Y., Rand has experience working in psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation (

As the head of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, Dr. Dov Rand tries to address important issues. His practice is focused on addressing the individual needs of patients. They use a variety of techniques including both regenerative and integrative approaches. Rand is set on making custom programs including programs for heart disease, vitality and aging. Furthermore the company provides education and treatment to their patients through scientifically proven medical journals.

During his career Dr. Dov Rand has helped a variety of patients. These have included patients with chronic pain. Rand uses traditional anti-inflammatory medications along with steroid injections to help with this pain. Although this method has its shortcomings, Rand has found that his patients have found only temporary improvements through traditional methods. Dr. Rand has chosen to focus improving the quality of life of his patients along with other underlying causes. Ultimately Rand chose to study in the field of Anti-aging medicine. He has gained years of experience in this area that has helped improve his practice.

Dr. Dov Rand is passionate about health and practices what he preaches. He is known for an active lifestyle that includes being active, eating healthy, taking supplements and even doing yoga. He takes pride in staying on top of the latest in research and technology in his field. Furthermore Rand is active member of the Age Management Group and A4M society. He continues to make a tremendous impact to tons of patients.

International Superstar and Business Developer Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a multi-purpose individual who is a literal swiss army knife in Human form. Wakeman has worked in over thirty different countries and has lived an extensive amount of time in six. He is a well-known mentor and business advisor, blog writer, investor and extremely successful entrepreneur. There are some who may be intimidated by Glen Wakeman’s success, but he is not the type of person who seeks to place himself on a pedestal for others to admire. Wakeman is taking more of an educator role, using his personal success story as a way to motivate and move others into a position that he has come to know as his own.

Glen Wakeman offers a selection of different blog posts and videos on his personal website. The purpose of these [pieces of writing and educational videos is to offer a generous level of support to aspiring business leaders who are looking for a way to break into the industry effectively. Since Wakeman knows what to expect and how to reach the goals of becoming wealthy, he has decided to use his endless reservoir of knowledge and benefit the future of the business world. While developing an international business and becoming a wealthy business owner are goals, Glen Wakeman knows that they are not everything. In order to truly enjoy the success, you need to be able to step away from work and spend some time with family and enjoying yourself.

Wakeman not only offers ways to make a great deal of money from homemade businesses but he also makes suggestions and tells readers of his blog posts how to effectively travel and see the world at the same time. This means that you are able to use your newfound knowledge and expertise to make a difference abroad, and see the sights to enrich your own cultural mindset as well. Many people would jump at the chance to do something like this, and Glen Wakeman uses his extensive background to make your own personal dreams become physical realities.