The Entrepreneur George Soros

George Soros was born in the year 1930 in Budapest. He was one of the survivors of the Nazi- German war and immigrated to England in the year 1947. He graduated from the school of economics in London with both bachelors and masters in philosophy. George Soros is a philanthropist, author, and a successful investor. George is worth 25.2 billion dollars becoming one of the thirty richest world leaders.

George Soros started the hedge fund in the year 1969.The profits he obtained from the hedge fund enabled him to start the Soros Fund Management. The Double Eagle, his first hedge fund became the first firm to be advised by Soros. The fund was later renamed the Quantum Fund. The management of the firm had an initial of 12 million which later doubled to 25 million which was his net worth.

Soros is famously known as the man who broke England’s bank due to his short time he took to sell 10 million dollars. George applied Karl Popper’s theory to capital markets where he was able to obtain securities of markets and bubbles of assets he undertook. Soros benefited vehemently from the philosophical studies he had undertaken.

The securities of markets he got were used in shorting of stocks and also swapping them. George Soros supported political forums in his country such as the American Liberal and the American Progressive. The entrepreneur donated most of his funds through the Open Society, A foundation he had started. Read his profile at Forbes.

George Soros donated towards philanthropic activities in his country. More than 11 billion was donated between the years 1979 and 2011. More than 18 billion dollars have been transferred by the investor towards the Open Society Foundation. The group is the second largest in the United States in terms of offering grants.

The Open Society is an organization that has worked globally to promote democracy in many areas. George Soros has contributed largely in supporting the Super PAC Group which recognized and supported Hillary Clinton who was a Presidential Candidate in last year’s elections.

Fitzpatrick Dawn was hired by Soros to be the Chief Investment Officer of the Soros management that is based in the New York. The Fund also manages investments for the Open Society. The Forbes magazine has also enlisted him as worth 23 billion dollars. George Soros has also invested in President Trumps Son in-law’s company. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros record in investment has earned him respect among business moguls such as Warren Buffet. George has been of help to refugees supporting them in their undertakings. Soros has this spot for refugees as he together with his father were able to escape the Nazis persecution by the help of false papers. Soros also worked as a trader and an analyst for various firms including working for F.M Mayer.

Mighty Fortress Church Inspires Believers Through Worship

Every Sunday morning, hundreds of Christians make their way into the different churches in Minnesota. Thousands of houses of worship dot Minnesota area with each having a unique history and incredible buildings to compliment them. They range from old to modern and simple to accommodate the faithful. The beautiful architecture of these churches has helped build Minnesota’s urban landscape. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is an excellent example of a magnificent structure. The grand Cathedral takes the crown as Minnesota’s most beautiful building since it sits on top of the Summit Hill. The church is more than a hundred years old, and the structure is modeled with a French theme. Furthermore, the Cathedral is one of the largest churches in the country.

Basilica of St. Mary also takes pride in its rich history and elegant structure. The interior of the church is detailed with beautiful displays of Beaux-Arts architecture for an excellent design. Another beautiful cathedral is Holy Trinity, New Ulm. Lined with Baroque-type of construction, the church’s interior is quite an impression. With a clock tower, gold-trimmed columns and paintings, it is easy for the church to marvel you. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Another exciting church in Minnesota’s landscape is Mighty Fortress. The Minneapolis based church prides itself as a safe place to learn more about Christ. They tend to change lives and build a personal relationship with Christ through authentic worship and Bible reading.

The church loves spiritual building and encouraging believers regardless of culture or race. Their worship services let you freely express yourself to God in your way. Additionally, Mighty Fortress encourages and welcomes everyone to come and join in worship.

Led by Bishop Thomas Williams, Mighty Fortress Church encourages Christian living through practical Biblical principles. Bishop Williams is an alumnus of Rhema Bible Center with a BA and Masters’ in Arts from North Central and Bethel University respectively. Additionally, he graduated in Mass Communication and organizational leadership.

The lead pastor created the church as a haven to spread the Word through inspiring worship services and Bible teachings. He founded the church together with his wife, Sabrina, with whom they minister together.


Rocketship Education Shows Results That Are Mind-Boggling

Rocketship Education is a new kind of learning for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade that is producing some very positive results. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools that primarily locate in low-income neighborhoods. Rocketship looks for areas where there are no excellent schools in the area so they can fill the learning gap that usually exists in these areas.

Rocketship Education uses a model for their schools that they call “Blended Learning.” This method incorporates relatable structured learning episodes that engage the students in areas where they are interested and where they can take control of their own learning process.

The blended learning approach has created a rotating classroom where students spend about half a school day in a traditional classroom setting and then split up the rest of the day in small group sessions of around 4 t 6 students for a quarter of the day and then switch to digital learning with laptops and headsets.

Scheduled along the way for students are the one-on-one sessions with tutors who spend individual time with the student to help pull everything together. By being mentored by the tutor students get a boost in their confidence while they get a boost in their confidence and get questions answered.

One very important element in the while Rocketship Education process is the partnership that is established between the teachers, students, parents and the community as a whole. In particular getting the parents involved with leadership roles has a great deal of influence on the overall success of the program. By having the closest human beings to the student involved is priceless. Parents can of course help their children in the process, by many parents also help out at school, take on promotional roles in the community and generally make themselves available whenever needed on other related projects.

Rocketship Education works will because of the efforts put in by dedicated teachers and staff along with excited students. The coursework itself is designed with children in mind, and the children get it.

The results are remarkable, as after all that is the goal. The test scores available after Rocketship Education students graduate place Rocketship students about a year ahead of their peers in the public school systems of their communities.

Jeffry Schneider Uses Fitness as His Secret Weapon

Jeffry Schneider has been considered a pioneer in the alternative investment field for several decades now. He has been on the fast track to success in investing ever since he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Schneider was recruited by some of the top financial services firms in the industry, including Alex Brown and Smith Barney. He made the transition into senior executive roles at Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors in almost record time. This invaluable experience supervising other advisers and being personally responsible for client satisfaction molded Schneider into the dedicated and effective leader he is today at his own investment firm.

In what some would consider to be one of the most cut-throat industries to build a career in, Schneider appears to have climbed to the top with ease. What most people did not see was that Schneider pursued his career just like a duck paddling under water. While everything looks smooth and calm on the surface, he was scrambling at full speed below the surface to go that extra mile. Schneider distinguished himself through his commitment to working hard than anyone else around him and handling the stress of his blossoming career with a positive attitude and great sense of humor.

When asked what allowed him to approach his work and professional relationships in such a calm and composed manner, Schneider always gives the credit to his physical fitness regimen. Running has been a strong constant throughout his life, and he has remained true to a very difficult training schedule. Running allows Schneider to clear his mind and regain focus on the most important tasks at hand. It also is a constant reminder to him that he is actually stronger than he thinks and is capable of anything that he puts his mind to. The motivation and stress relief that Schneider enjoys from working out have propelled him to the top of the financial services industry and earned him a reputation for being an accomplished marathoner. He now enjoys seeking out new races across the globe to meet new people and break his personal records.

The Role of AI Technology in E-commerce Personalization

In a market where customers know what they want, businesses are challenged to provide quality products and services to maintain their already existing customers and attract new potential customers. E-commerce personalization is one solution that is doing very well. Honestly, many people prefer a customized product over a generic product.

AI technology helps businesses to generate real-time information and take action immediately. In doing so, it’s easier for them to personalize their products based on their consumer’s experience.

So, why is e-commerce personalization very vital in today’s market? There are many different types of products out there, and there are also multiple companies that offer the same products. What’s more, there are also big retail online companies that offer the same products at affordable rates. In this light, the best way to stand out among your competition is to invest heavily in customer experience.

AI technology can help you to increase your influence over your customers by customizing your products. Happy, satisfied customers and high-quality products are what make big retail companies remain relevant.

AI can analyze complex data and identify patterns that can help you to predict the behaviors of your customers. Information such as past purchasing power of customers, credit checks, similarities between customers and much more can be very beneficial in predicting the taste and preferences of your customers.

AI technology can be used to analyze multiple transactions daily to help you know what your customers are interested in.AI has enabled many businesses to access vital information about their customer’s behavior. You can view this information before; during and after the customers have made their purchases.

AI-powered applications can help you to personalize your products and provide your customers with the exact products that they are looking for. The ability to meet your customer’s expectation can go a long way in improving your sales.

The bottom line is AI technology will provide you with timely intelligence to help you solve huge business problems. Investing in this technology will help businesses to identify customers that are likely to purchase their products based on previous purchase history and many other factors. In this light, every time you speak to a customer, you will know exactly what he or she is interested in, and this will lead to more sales.

Todd Lubar on the status of real estate development in Baltimore

Baltimore is going to be a great city in the coming years. Although the city has seen its fair share of struggles in the past, it is impressively regaining its glory. The people responsible for the changes that are happening in the city are the young professionals who are settling in the area. In the recent past few years, the young people who have been settling in Baltimore have been at an all-time high. These are people who are just starting their career life. They are looking for a place that can afford them fair rental space. Most of the people settling here are not looking to purchase their own but to rent space before they can settle in their fields of career. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

The growing population of young professionals has created a stream of growth in the real estate sector. The investors in the real estate sector have found the area lucrative for investors. The demand for housing units especially the apartments and condominiums have been at an all-time high. The real estate sector is expected to keep getting better if the population of young professionals continues to increase. The future of Baltimore lies in the status of the economy in the region. If the economy does well, more and more people are likely to settle in the area.

To make the area appealing, the transportation sector has been boosted greatly. Public transportation systems have been enhanced in an attempt to make the city appealing to the people who live outside the city. The improvements in the public transport system are likely to make the area grow by a huge margin in the coming years. The suburbs surrounding the city are likely to record population growth as well as infrastructure development.

About Todd Lubar

One of the people who believe in the potential of Baltimore City is Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar has served in the real estate sector for very many years now. He has experience that makes him give authorities predictions on the future of real estate in Baltimore.

Through his firm, TDL Ventures, where he is the President, Todd provides credit and financing services to people in the real estate sector. Check out his website to see more.

Master Technologist: Eric Pulier

We as a people are living in some of the most modern of times and in these modern of times, technology is the king. Whether it’s software, televisions, smart appliances, computers and anything else, innovation is the key to success.

One of the most brilliant person’s who knows this exact logic is Technologist Eric Pulier, and he has revolutionized the game in numerous ways. Pulier is basically a master technologist, and he uses technological-based solutions to better mankind. The guy has a resume of excellence, despite not being a household name. He’s been using this knowledge and logic for over 20 years in which he’s garnered unprecedented recognition.

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How does Eric Pulier better mankind? That answer is rather simple. Pulier has introduced innovative technology into underserved communities around the world. Even Africa’s healthcare system has benefited from his philanthropic ways as he has brought in technological-based solutions to their fragile system. The guy has developed a private social media network for chronically ill children. Starbright World gave these children something to look forward to by allowing them to communicate via chat. This action drastically raised the moral of thousands of children. The Starlight Foundation was another benefactor for chronically ill children as it was used as a multimedia educational program for children who suffer with diabetes. These programs were ground-breaking as they allowed the children to interactively travel within their own bodies. It gave them a better understanding of what was going on from an internal view.

This one individual has changed the lives of many people, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Pulier has a mission, and that mission is to connect people with technology. It helps to make the world more efficient in its day-to-day process. He is backed by the education from Harvard University as well as MIT. All in all, Eric Pulier is definitely a master technologist, but more importantly, Eric Pulier is a philanthropist.

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Favorite Flavors Of EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balms come in many delicious-smelling flavors that also taste pleasant when applied to the lips. This evolutionary little lip moisturizing product comes in oval-shaped packaging that distinguishes it from the rest. That’s probably one of the reasons why the brand has gained so much popularity over the last few years.

Users of EOS Lip Balm are drawn in by the product’s ability to moisturize and soften the lips adequately while providing pleasantly sweet flavors. Some of the most liked flavors by consumers of this lip balm are: Sweet Mint; Strawberry Sorbet; Coconut Milk; Vanilla Mint; Honeysuckle Honeydew; Blueberry Acai; Summer Fruit; and Pomegranate Raspberry, order here.

The Mint varieties, Sweet and Vanilla, have been ranked high in the best-smelling category, their scents having been described by some consumers as being very refreshing, as well as having a cool feel to them after they are applied to the lips. And Strawberry Sorbet has been said to taste the best, with users comparing its smell and taste to real strawberries. The Summer Fruit flavor is another one of the top or most preferred ones among the variety due to the sweet summer smells it emits. Available here at

EOS, which stands for Evolution Of Smooth, is an organic brand that is paraben-free and that uses natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. It also has no chemically-processed ingredients in it, such as petrolatum. And the antioxidant-rich components of the product, like Vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, makes each application smooth, and provides the kind of softness to the lips that is most desired. Check the latest trends here on

EOS Lip Balm can be found on the Amazon website in the Health and Personal Care department at a very reasonable price. It is also available at drug stores like Walgreen’s, and at Target and Walmart. It can be purchased in single packs or multi-packs.

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Market America Events Share, Experience, and Learn

Market America values people, collectiveness, belief, and hope. One of Market America’s mission is to empower people to help others. The approach to achieving this goal is through working together with the unfranchise owners, the customers, and other stakeholders. Market America hopes to inspire entrepreneurs to create an economy that is beneficial for all and powered by the people.

The events held by Market America provide a platform where entrepreneurs, management, customers, and prospective business people can share ideas and help each other grow. These events include the world conference and international conventions held annually, product symposiums, seminars, training events, boot camps, reunions, and webinars. The global company coordinates with the various international offices to arrange local events.

These events are an opportunity for you to learn more about the products, opportunities and growing your business. The Market America events incorporate speakers from different backgrounds including business, technology and life skills. Through the event, unfranchise owners share the secrets to success and provide tips on how to increase sales and earnings.

People are a strategic resource for most companies. Market America acknowledges the influence the people have had on the business today. When starting out, Market America depended on people who believed in their vision and have since walked the journey with them.

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Jason Hope`s Assumptions on the possible changes that technology will bring

Jason Hope is a great Tech entrepreneur and futurist, and he has over the past years derived a vast number of theories to prove to people on the possible changes that technology will bring to the world. Besides being a futurist, Jason is also a great philanthropist and has taken part in many charitable organizations with the aim of shining light to the lives of people. Technology has made a more significant part in the daily operations of individuals and Jason believes that its use will keep rising with the changing time.

Besides the significant advantages that technology has brought to people, the renowned tech entrepreneur believes that insecurity is likely to increase as a result, and thus he encourages people, particularly business owners to derive different measures to handle the possible crisis. He insists that entrepreneurs as well as investors ought to combine a series of things to ensure that their operations and businesses are safe. Cultural norms and technological combinations are the major features that people ought to consider improving to increase their security. Besides, Jason believes that the internet of things can be safely incorporated in all aspects of life as long as people are highly dedicated to securing their operations as well as improving their way of life.

Among the significant changes that the internet of things will bring is the use of smart thermostats that can be controlled and adjusted at a distance using smartphone applications, the use of baby monitors that can give algorithmic data on a person`s kid, among many others. Jason believes that technology is a bit limited in scope as not a vast number of individuals are using it to conduct their daily operations, including house chores.

Besides, Jason insists that the rate of crime and cyber insecurity will highly increase in the coming years and the high convenience of the modern devices will be easily hacked by people with evil motives. He further insists that the instrument owners, municipalities as well as business owners can secure their devices from cyber criminals by using the best security strategies.

He believes that the use of strong passwords as well as not using devices to store personal information is one of the major ways to avoid falling victim of hacking. Jason also encourages people to

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