Cloudwick Security Analytics Platform

Cloudwick is the leading big data service provider in the world today. They have the ability to capture more than 100 million activities per second of telemetry data. Some of the activities they have performed include networks packets, alerts, NetFlow and logs.

This business has a unique cyber data lake (CDL) platform. The CDL is a converged system made by Cloudwick as a result of this innovative technology. The system manages hardware appliances with integrated software too. It can be launched as a virtual appliance on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The CDL uses AWS Direct Connects to link the data center appliances to the cloud and ultimately help improve long term investment strategies.

Cloudwick is the best security analytics platform compared to other systems. The data lakes can gather a vast amount of data in a short amount of time. Cloudwick analytical systems capture the data through a long form ingestion pipeline too. The data is then kept in an on-premise data lake as a result.

The CDL manager provides access to security and respondent operators from the on-premise operations. Meanwhile Cloudwick uses learning machine, improved analytics, and man made intelligence to identify risk and prevent future attacks. The CDL uses cases such as compliance, investigation and incident response, risk and vulnerability management as well as efforts in securing the cloud.

Besides AWS, the company is working with other technology partners in improving the platform. These partners include LogTrust, Graphistry, Bricata, Corelight, Solarflare and Protectwise. Cloudwick has created a proprietary software for their products over the years. The company uses open source Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark as well as integrated technology from Bricata, Solar flare, and Corelight when optimizing the platform.

The demarcation of security analytics allows the enterprise to access their data easily. The platform uses various applications and tools to analyze data as well. The democratization of security analytical data is a driving force behind the services offered by this business. The company also uses the Trident platform owned by Dell technologies capital which focuses on providing security alerts while automating threat analytics at the enterprise operation center. This business offers one of the cloud services that has transformed banking, finance, insurance, and healthcare.