Alec Sellem Of Sellem Industries: A Company Born From A Love For Africa

Alec Sellem is the Founder and CEO of Sellem Industries. Sellem Industries is a firm that specializes in gold mining and refining. Based in London, the firm focuses on business operations in Africa and Latin America.

Alec Sellem

In a recent article, Alec Sellem is interviewed. The article begins to introduce Mr. Alec Sellem and gives its readers a brief overview of his company, Sellem Industries. As previously mentioned, the company does business in gold mining and refining. Mr. Sellem and his company have modernized the gold mining and refining business by taking it locally. Specifically, the article states “developing infrastructure within rural villages, and developing relationships with local residents needed to maintain long-term happiness on both ends of the business.”

The article moves on to talk about Mr. Sellem’s history. It says he was born in France but went to school in Switzerland. During his academic life, he also frequently visited many countries in Africa. Born from this, was his passion for mining.

The article moves on to the interview. He is first asked about the origins of his company. He is asked about how it began. Mr. Sellem then replies that he was, marginally involved in the trade of gold, selling and trading gold for a friend.” Because of this, it fueled his curiosity and entrepreneurship in learning more about the gold mining and refining industry. In his quest for knowledge, he found how the industry commonly operated. In this, he found some “practices” that needed improvement. Mr. Sellem then developed ideas on “modernizing” and streamlining industry practices. He then goes in detail about the lack of local refineries in Africa during that time.

The interview moves on to talk about how he first step foot in Africa. As mentioned, Sellem visited Africa while studying. His first visit to Africa was to the country of Mali with his school. From his experience, he says that he “immediately liked Africa”. Although he has not been to every country in Africa, he takes great pleasure in everything it has to offer. He mentions scenery, weather, and the “endless countryside”.

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