Sergey Petrossov and Making JetSmarter into a Billion-Dollar Company

JetSmarter is prominent internationally, and Sergey Petrossov is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is capable of multitasking, and this is seen in an additional role as the Federal System of Distance’s Co-Founder. Between May 2006 and April 2009, he co-founded LiveContact and similarly served as it’s Business Development’s vice president. The company, JetSmarter is unique in that it offers shared and private jet services just like the automotive ridesharing services that Uber offers.

2009 marks the year that Sergey Petrossov acknowledged the fatigue and old process of booking private jets, and he never took time before starting to find a solution. It turned into a billion-dollar firm with the backing of Wayne Chang, Jay Z as well as the Saudi royal family members. It is after Sergey’s initial experience that was not enjoyable when booking the jet that his technological background alongside an innovative mindset that JetSmarter came out. He established a dominant team encompassing BMW, Nokia, Uber, NASA, and some other key corporations. A remarkable launch of the JetSmarter app happened in 2012 before its start to the international market in 2013. Apart from linking the operators of private jets with customers, the app offers helicopter charter services that are limited.

The presence of an innovative concept, investors’ deep pockets, and the experience of the developers, Sergey Petrossov fruitfully executed JetSmarter’s launch. This boosted the speed and convenience of the flyers towards scheduling flights and improving the use of the private jets as well as transforming an industry earlier termed as outdated. The growth of the company has been tremendous and currently offers services to over six hundred and seventy thousand registered voters and fourteen thousand paid subscribers. Internationally, the firm serves over 3,200 private jets. It intends to set its individual branded aircraft in a short while.

Two thousand and sixteen points to the year that Sergey Petrossov appeared in the listing of Forbes “30 Under 30” business leaders. The headquarters of JetSmarter is based in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It also maintains offices within Zurich, Riyadh, Dubai, Dubai, Moscow, and London.

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